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SBI MLS Team of the Week: Houston Dynamo

DynamoWinAgain (Getty)

The Houston Dynamo have adjusted quite well to their new home, BBVA Compass Stadium, and opposing teams are finding out rather quickly just how tough a place it is to play for visiting teams.

Sporting Kansas City and the Montreal Impact found that out last week, with the Dynamo defeating both Eastern Conference foes in a week that saw them move up to third place in the Eastern Conference. Houston's two-win week kept the Dynamo undefeated at home, and also helped the club claim SBI MLS Team of the Week honors.

The Dynamo beat out the New York Red Bulls, who also posted two home victories last week, both via shutout. The LA Galaxy and FC Dallas were also in the mix.

What did you think of Houston's week? Which team impressed you the most last week?

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  1. Has anybody seen THE IMPERATIVE VOICE? I guess he only comes out when he can critize the Dynamo?

    Honestly, great Dynamo week. Soccer by Ives, this is a very poor write up. I’m done reading this blog. Bye

  2. Hahaah take it easy on Ives. He’s made it clear this is a pro red bulls website so the Lade article will make most of us chuckle. But at least they take there time to write these articles for us.

  3. Come on Kris, 3 games in 7 days is not a week (on SBI). Well, unless your the redbulls. If this was a ny article, it would be 3 times longer. Maybe a long article about one of the rookies and how they are the next big thing. UMMM.. Lade??? Remember how Agudelo had write ups at least once a week and was the savior of the USMNT? Now that hes not in ny, nothing. Everyone knows SBI is pro redbulls, and thats ok. We all know at the end of the year the ny trophy case will still be empty.

  4. I took a week off and flew down from Pittsburgh to go to all three of these games (well, and visit family too…) The new stadium is beautiful and LOUD! Boniek Garcia is the real deal and is opening up space for everyone else. Carr and Kandji scoring multiple goals? WOW

    Had a great time – well worth the trip.


  5. TFC has surprised me a bit as of late. But those 3 games were spread over two different weeks, unlike the case with the Dynamo. Yes, we beat the Limp-act expectedly, but we also beat two of the best in the eastern conference-DC and SKC.

  6. Like Kris said, it was 3 games they won in a week at home, not 2. They also beat DC last Sunday. But I guess you go by Monday to Sunday…

  7. hmmm, Van-Groovey a big win yesturday against your team of the month Quakes, No mention… TFC went on a 3 game win streak (plus a friendly tie after playing monday-wednesday since June 16) and no mention… compared to Houston’s 3 home stand finishing against the limp-ac, guess this weekend’s match will be the decider and we’ll see how the dynamo hold up when they have a grueling schedule through to the end of aug to sept 6..

  8. Dear SBI,

    The Dynamo played THREE (count em’, that’s 1,2,3) games this week. Sunday 7/15 4-0 W against DC, 7/18
    2-1 W against SKC and 7/21 3-0 W against Montreal. Still team of the week, but that’s 3 games in 7 days.

    Go Dynamo!

    (SBI-Kris, let it go. It wasn’t three games in THIS WEEK. The Sunday 4-0 counted toward LAST WEEK.)

  9. Damn it Ives, your team of the week honor is a jinx. phily, kc, and colorado all went on losing streaks after getting this.

  10. I think it was a very important 3 game stretch for us with the CCL about to start. Fortunately, we had some red cards to help but Boniek Garcia has been a great signing so far.


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