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Seattle fan favorite Levesque retiring


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One of the Emerald City Supporters' favorite players is stepping away from the game.

Roger Levesque will retire after Wednesday's friendly against Chelsea, according to The Seattle Times, ending a 10-year career spent mostly with the Sounders, both in USL and MLS. He was with the Sounders' USL team from 2004-2008, spent part of the 2003, 2004 and 2005 seasons with the San Jose Earthquakes and accompanied the Sounders to MLS in 2009, remaining with the team ever since. He will be pursuing a masters degree in business as part of his post-playing endeavors, according to The Times.

Levesque, a cult-hero-type player in Seattle, has been one of the key figures in the latest incarnation of the Seattle-Portland rivalry, and even though he did not score all that often, he had a knack for coming up with some great goal celebrations when he did. His falling tree celebration after a U.S. Open Cup goal 48 seconds into a third-round match against the USL Timbers in Portland in 2009 and scuba dive celebration after his second goal of the game against the New York Red Bulls last season were extra memorable. Levesque also scored the eventual game-winning goal against D.C. United in the 2009 U.S. Open Cup at RFK Stadium, kicking off the Sounders' run of dominance in the tournament.

What are your thoughts on Levesque retiring? Which moments from his career stick out for you?

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  1. Incorrect. Started as an Earthquake, loaned to the Sounders and was with them for the rest of his career. He had one appearance as a guest player with PDX that was not, shall we say, well received.

  2. Timber fan here, good luck with your career and degree Roger. You irked me to know end but never heard anything bad about you, you always seemed like a great dude and I have yet to read or hear anything to the contrary. I’ll miss booing you in Cascadia matches, but rivalries always have new people pop up to bag on.

  3. Any player that plays for Portland and STILL gets booed by Timber’s fans is going to be worshipped.
    He deserves every bit of it. Great guy, who very few thought would make the jump ti MLS, he did and got playing time……even scoring some of the most memorable goals.
    Great career Roger, thanks

  4. Good luck to Rodger in his future endeavors. Enjoyed watching him play over the years in the USL rivalry although most Sounders diehards were not around yet.

  5. He is THE Sounder, both on and off the field, and every other player coming through should strive to be like him. Seattle loves and cherishes their characters as much as their superstars.

  6. Legend. He might not be the most talented, but Roger showed up to play in the big games. My jersey says Levesque #24, but I understand why the team is moving on. So be it.

    This is not a time to mourn. This is a time to celebrate his contributions. Roger showed up in big games with big goals.

    When we needed to beat KC to make the playoffs, he showed up at the back post to put the ball in the net.

    Year 1. Open Cup vs DC. Game Winner.

    And of course… #48seconds vs. PDX.

    Godspeed, Roger.

  7. Which moments from his career stick out with me? How about the way he was always the last player to leave the field at reserves games, taking time to chat at length and sign autographs for the fans. Always with a smile on his face. Roger is genuine class.

  8. By not playing him? He’s only played 4 games this season. Perhaps he just saw that it was his time. I’m a fan of Roger and all, but his talent level didn’t fit in as a regular contributor for this team at this point. He seems interested in entering a masters program, so why not retire before the start of the fall semester? Can get a nice send off at the Chelsea game and also helps out the club by freeing up a roster spot during the transfer window. Maybe it’s a matter of semantics of “forced out” vs him deciding on his own, but if he wasn’t shown the door, at least the team gave him a gracious exit for all he’s done rather than just kicking him to the curb.

  9. This may be a dumb question but is the club forcing his hand on this? The timing sure would seem like it.

    Two of my top five goal celebrations of all time.


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