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Sounders hold RSL to scoreless draw

Sounders Real Salt Lake (Getty Images)

Make that four games without a victory for Real Salt Lake and nine for the Seattle Sounders.

Both Western Conference teams' winless streaks were extended on Wednesday night, as they played to a scoreless draw in front of a soldout crowd at Rio Tinto Stadium.

There may have been no goals in the match, but there was some controversy after a second-half finish from Alvaro Saborio was whistled back for offside.

Real Salt Lake dominated possession for large stretches of the match before and after that 52nd-minute incident, but the hosts were unable to find the go-ahead goal. The Sounders seemed content to absorb the pressure, and they almost found a winner late in the match off a cross from the left that teasingly rolled by Eddie Johnson and Cordell Cato.

Here are the match highlights:


What do you think of Real Salt Lake's 0-0 draw with the Sounders? Think RSL will get out of this funk soon? What needs to be corrected in Seattle?

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  1. Most Seattle fans will say they weren’t as upset with the offside goal in ne as they were the garbage call on Fernandez that led to the 2nd goal. Offsides calls go for and against every team.
    That was a big call, I am fairly sure the majority of the other calls went rsl way. Espinola should have been booted from the game.

  2. I will throw up all the generic Sounders gripes so we can get them all out of the way and on with our lives.

    MLS refs suck, other teams are thugs, MLS is trying to keep us down, everyone is jealous of us, MLS refs suck, other teams are full of divers, other teams play too physical, MLS refs suck, natural grass sucks, NFL stadiums are the best, thugs, refs, suck…

  3. I have difficulty seeing how this would work. Sure if off-sides isn’t called when it should be the play could be reviewed and any resulting action could be voided.
    But how would it be implemented for cases where you wanted to retroactively waive off a call that had been made?
    Once the official blows their whistle, players stop playing – certainly you can’t fairly grant much, if any, type of continuation at that point. So you would go to the replay, determine that the call should not have been made and then do what?
    I suppose that if the scoring play and the whistle were as close together as last night’s you might argue that the whistle didn’t impact the play, but that would be a pretty unusual circumstance.
    So who determines if the whistle did or didn’t impact the play? Would an official makes a judgement call? The same guys who make the judgement call for off-sides or not that you don’t trust now?
    I suppose another option would be the official and everyone else ignores the AR’s flag until an appropriate stoppage in play to determine if that flag should have ever been raised in the first place – how long do you let that go on and are you making the argument that having the AR stand there with their flag up for an indeterminate amount of time doesn’t impact the continuing play on the field?
    I understand the desire for everything to be fair and level, but just don’t see a practical way to implement this for a run of play activity like off-sides … goal-line review I get and support, but not this.
    What am I missing about how it could be reasonably implemented?

  4. I know FIFA doesn’t want it but MLS needs to pioneer Instant replay on offside calls.

    I didn’t see it but if there was instant replay Seattle would have beaten New England in their last match but instead they tied because the linesman got the offside call wrong (from what I read).

    It’s a technology that every team would benefit from.


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