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Studio 90: Post-Game Reaction to USWNT group stage win vs. North Korea


  1. Personally I am delighted that Solo called out Brandi Chastain. In the N Korea game Chastain was much better in my opinion than she has been in the past; I suspect it was not a coincidence and that she learned something thanks to Solo’s comments and the resulting media kerfuffle and various message board comments by fans of the game.

    In short, WTG Hope! Thank you.

  2. As a big fan of the US women’s team (and former disappointed fan of Hope Solo), I regretfully agree. From now on, when she speaks, I push the mute button. While I could have moved on from the first Twitter incident, Solo lost me two days later while talking to the press during the tour of Old Trafford. That was her chance to apologize to Brandi Chastain and to her own teammates in order to put the episode behind us. But instead she spoke rather flippantly — not to mention a bit incoherently — and basically splashed more mean-spirited oil on the fire. Not a good role model for girls dreaming of one day playing on the national soccer team.

    Hope Solo stands by critical tweets, wants no more questions

    I am disappointed that Pia Sundhage did not issue a strong reprimand against Solo, nor did any members of the team speak out. It makes you wonder whether they actually support the comments and the shameful behavior. I obviously still support the team and am hoping for gold, but it would not bother me at all to see Solo on the bench for the rest of the Olympics. I think it would send a strong and positive message about the USWNT and would also help repair some of the damage.

  3. I thought Hope did fine in the interview. Or are you just mad that she was interviewed?

    Anyways, I can’t believe the girls have never swept the group stage. Oh well. Guess it shows that the best still keep getting better!! Great Job! We’ez proud of you!!

  4. Time to see a lot less Solo….she’s making our team way less likeable and that’s not good for the women’s game. If she wants to represent the team try earning some respect at a person first.


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