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TFC shipping DeGuzman to FC Dallas, making way for defensive help

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Toronto FC's roster makeover continued late Thursday night, with the club pulling off a major deal that could pave the way for some much-needed defensive help.

Toronto FC is preparing to trade away Canadian midfielder Julian DeGuzman to FC Dallas in a deal that will free up the cap room and Designated Player slot the team needs to land a high-profile central defender, sources told SBI on Thursday evening. The trade is expected to be announced later today, once all details have been finalized. (UPDATE- The trade has been completed, with FC Dallas sending reserve forward Andrew Wiedeman to Toronto FC).

It is still unclear what Toronto FC will receive from Dallas in the trade, but it should not be expected to be much considering Dallas is taking on DeGuzman's big contract. TFC is almost assuredly paying a portion of DeGuzman's remaining salary in 2012, and FC Dallas might see DeGuzman as a non-DP option for beyond 2012.

DeGuzman, 31, spent parts of four seasons with Toronto FC, leaves the club never having fulfilled the high expectations placed upon him when he was first signed to a seven-figure contract by the Canadian squad. The presence of Terry Dunfield along with the continued outstanding play of Torsten Frings made DeGuzman even more expendable for a team desperate to make room for defensive help.

Just who does TFC have in mind to bolster the back-line? Sources tell SBI that Canadian defender Kevin McKenna is one target, while the club is apparently also lining up up a move for a high-profile European defender.

TFC has recently released midfielder Nick Soolsma and send midfielder Joao Plata on loan. Those moves, coupled with trading away DeGuzman, could give the team the necessary flexibility to add not one, but two central defenders to a back-line in dire need of centerback help.

For FC Dallas, the arrival of DeGuzman would seem to suggest that player/coach Daniel Hernandez's days with the Hoops are over, at least in a playing capacity. With the team's current season all but over in the midst of a lengthy winless streak that has stuck the team in the Western Conference basement, Schellas Hyndman could see DeGuzman as an ideal partner for David Ferreira heading into 2013.

What do you think of this development? Glad to see TFC making some moves, or are you skeptical about letting DeGuzman go? Scratching your head as to why FC Dallas would be interested in DeGuzman, or do you think he could be a bargain in 2013 at a non-DP salary?

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  1. This guy was cancer for TFC. He even said before he went to play for them that he didn’t want to play in MLS. Send his sorry a55 to Texas.

  2. JDG has talent, but he is not a leader. I think he fits in nicely on a team like FCD. Add in Ferreira and a healthy Blas and they are back in the mix. They still have a surplus of defenders that they can use for attacking help.

    Sleeper team of the 2nd Half

  3. As a TFC supporter and a Canadian National Team supporter. I can tell you that JDG never really had the MLS on his radar when he was released 4 years ago by Deportivo La Coruna. He really only came here because “That Scotsman who shall no be named” thew ridiculous money at him. Money we was NEVER going to get in Europe, the place he really wanted to be.

    Part of the issue here was the expectations of TFC supporters who really didn’t understand how he played the game. Originally people though he’d come in an score goals, which if anyone had ever seen him play knew he wasn’t an attacking midfielder. Only now in the past 8 months has he shown a bit of the class he really has, but it took Frings to get it out of him.

    I hope the move to Dallas will give him the spark he needs For the national team’s sake). As for who TFC should get, kinda hoped George John would be in the mix. But we need a CB…badly. Kevin McKenna is a decent choice, but I am against using DP slots on CB’s and I don’t think he’s worth DP money.

  4. idk there have been some bad signings but Nery Castillo was a loan and Denilson didn’t even cost half of what JdG cost.. maybe the worse ever..

  5. TFC made quite possibly the worst deal in MLS history when they signed DeGuzman to that contract. He’s not worth half of what they were paying him.

    I’m not a fan of TFC but their fans deserve some success. Hopefully this move paves the way for that to happen.

  6. you are assuming that Dallas is taking JDG’s contract…how do you know that TFC is not using its one DP buyout clause and buying out JDG’s contract then trading his rights?

    (SBI-States pretty clearly in the article that there’s a very strong likelihood that TFC is paying part of DeGuzman’s contract, not sure what you’re even getting at here.)


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