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Trailer released for upcoming Bob Bradley in Egypt documentary

[vimeo w=440&h=272] 


  1. Bob Bradley should get the hell out of there. He does not have anything to prove. The whole world can see he is a very good manager. Egypt will not be his last stop. I just hope he does not return to CONCACAF.

  2. Ditto.

    I was also giddy as a school girl at the end of ESPN’s “Fab Five” when they played a ‘This Will Destroy You’ song.

  3. Chandler refuses call up, Feilhaber gets injured, Bedoya replaces him, Bedoya injures Cherundolo, Lichaj switches over to RB and Jonathan Bornstein enters the game at LB. 2-0 turns into 4-2, we lose the Gold Cu to our rivals and Bradley gets fired.
    It’s crazy how a string of events can just spiral out of control like that and cause such a disaster…

  4. There are two types of American soccer peeps:

    — those who say “World CUP”
    — those who say “WORLD Cup”

    Bradley (along with Grant Wahl and Landon Donovan, just for the record) is one of the latter.

  5. Because I like reading too far into things: Props for using Explosion In The Sky’s “Birth And Death Of A Day” for this trailer

    (also one of my favorite songs from my favorite band)

  6. They didn’t qualify for their regional championship when it mattere, but they might have “shot” at the World Cup. Best of luck to Bob, and I hope we can play Egypt someday (with us winning of course).


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