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Villarreal stunner completes Galaxy comeback in draw at Vancouver

GalaxyCaps (Reuters)

The Vancouver Whitecaps jumped all over the LA Galaxy early on in their Western Conference showdown at BC Place, but a David Beckham-led comeback helped the Galaxy escape Canada with a precious road point.

Beckham notched a goal and assist, including helping set up a dramatic equalizer from rookie Jose Villarreal, in a 2-2 draw on Wednesday night.

The Whitecaps looked like they would cruised to a home victory after goals from Gershon Koffie and Barry Robson in the first 27 minutes of the match gave Vancouver a 2-0 lead. The Galaxy kept things from getting any ugler, and finally broke through in the 81st minute when Beckham scored his sixth goal of the season.

Villarreal played the role of hero, latching on to a pass from Juninho before cutting to his left and delivering a perfect left-footed shot past Joe Cannon in the 87th minute to help preserve the draw for the Galaxy.

Here are the match highlights:


What did you think of the match? Impressed with Villarreal's play as a teenager? Disappointed in Vancouver's defensive lapses late in the match? Like what you saw from Robson?

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  1. 1. i was not slamming SBI
    2. i was simply unaware you could have two people with an assist on a single goal
    3. i dont think i’ve ever seen it listed as “(Juninho, David Beckham)” before, good to know

    i love SBI, not slamming at all. was just confused.

  2. It’s important to see that Bruce Arena giving a very young Villareal a spot on the field in what was an important away game for the Galaxy. Villareal is an academy product and a Home grown signing, has impressed Arena enough to get a bench spot. I imagine we will see Jack McBean and Villareal both teenagers on the field for the Galaxy sometime this season. Refreshing to see after having the Galaxy tagged as a “grandfathers club” with Arena’s liberal use of older recycled veterans in many of the previous seasons.

  3. “Beckham notched a goal and assist, including helping set up a dramatic equalizer from rookie Jose Villarreal, in a 2-2 draw on Wednesday night.”

    “Villarreal played the role of hero, latching on to a pass from Juninho”

    so Beckham had a goal. Juninho had an assist. so where is this Beckham assist you refer to?!?!?! he passed to Juninho, but that’s a hockey assist, not an actual assist. come on SBI, that’s three mistakes in three articles!! lol

  4. Beckham needed that goal he scored as he was most responsible for that first Whitecap goal. My 8 year old commented that Beckham never hustled back into the play after turning it over in midfield…goal.

    I’ve read my boy the riot act on that situation. Beckham can do better there, and usually does. Not that time

  5. Er…this wasn’t a win, and the Portland game was hardly a squeaker. LA’s game is built on defense, which is why they’ve been so shaky this year. Bruce likes to get a lead and then play bunkerball.

  6. Seems like LA needs to come up with a long list of things that Beckham can get snubbed from and release one every other week. “Shame about the Emmy snub today, David. You know if Hamm can’t make the ceremony, a spot will open up for you.”

  7. As much as I love to hate the team with a panty model and Landycakes I am happy to see them playing their old game. For those not paying attention, LA’s game is to play just above the level of their opponent. Whether they are up against the women’s team at Sacramento High School or the Portland Timbers they just barely squeak out a win.

  8. Another candidate for game of the year! Too bad this one wasn’t on national television. It looked like it was every bit as exciting as the LA/Portland game last weekend.


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