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Whitecaps deal Hassli to Toronto FC

EricHassli (Getty)

Toronto FC were in desperate need of a proven striker and the Vancouver Whitecaps just happened to be looking to get rid of one.

The result was the second straight Friday blockbuster trade for the Whitecaps, who sent French forward Eric Hassli to Toronto FC for a first-round draft pick in 2014 and an international player slot through the 2013 season.

Hassli had already lost his starting role in Vancouver before the team signed Scottish national team striker Kenny Miller, and the emergence of rookie Darrent Mattocks made Hassli expendable much the way Sebastien LeToux became expendable in Vancouver.

Toronto FC lands a quality forward who, though a tough enigmatic, can pick up some of the scoring slack left by the loss of Danny Koevermans to a season-ending knee injury. Hassli will slide into a starting role for a TFC side that will be competing in the CONCACAF Champions League, and still has an outside chance of pushing for a playoff spot after a strong run under interim head coach Paul Mariner.

What do you think of the trade? Think Vancouver gave him away too cheaply? See Hassli thriving in Toronto?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. After the Caps – LA game Wed night, Hassli was outside the stadium talking to people, taking pictures etc… Probably should have known then he was gone. Since this transpired less than 5 minutes after the final whistle it seemed weird. I’ve never seen a player outside the stadium; and this was so quickly after a game. Keep in mind he did not dress, but interesting that he didn’t feel like he should join the team after. Instead he was heading out, by himself.

  2. Sadly (only because I think it should be earned first) you are correct.

    It’s rumored management gave him a 3 year extension a couple of weeks before they canned Winter. As usual, the front office is all cloak-and-dagger trying to cover their ineptitude.

    They simply don’t want to pay two guys at once (heck probably three when you consider they had to settle with Preki). I think that’s part of the reason Winter was allowed to do so poorly for so long, they were probably hoping his pride would kick in and he’d quit before they’d have to give him a package.

  3. Bobo does not understand people cannot see this trade for what it is. Toronto season ticket sales for next year are coming. That is all. This team will win a few more games but miss playoff.

    Bobo think people are stupid and say …..”oh they try”. I buy my seats again.

    Bobo think these people are stupid. Toronto FC had long term chance with Winter but got feet cold. Mariner give some seat sales they think with this trade. Bobo laugh.

  4. Gazza,

    there is no free agency in MLS. MLS teams are not allowed to compete for player contracts.

    you can’t be this stupid can you?

  5. Every soccer player in the world has free agency. Want to play in Mexico – sign for Tigres, love Italian food – AC Milan needs some players, think England would be swell QPR requires talent, even Scotland will have tons of openings for a 3rd division club who have a huge stadium. Nobody is forced to play in MLS.

  6. Vancouver looks primed for a nice DP aacquisition.

    TFC needs more than this…They are short an attacking mid and a central defender.

  7. Which part of “international player slot” don’t you get? Obviously, Vancouver has plans to land a bigger — presumably either European or from somewhere south of the Rio Grande.

  8. Vancouver continues to get rid of all their interesting, fun and talented players for boring competent and predictable ones.

  9. So what’s up with Etienne Barbara? Why can’t he get a sniff of the field? Is he really *that* outclassed by the rest of Vancouver’s roster?

  10. ^^ Ron, we’ll get one when you can find 60+ owners who are willing to invest in significant startup costs to cover the establishment of teams, TV markets, local academies, media awareness, and hope to God they make any of it back in a crowded sporting landscape that has no true “soccer” season and in which they’re competing for attention in a nation that has 4 other sports with over 70 years of national brand awareness (7 if you throw in NASCAR, college football, and college hoops).

    The rules they’ve put in place work in the environment for which they’re and have resulted in stable successful growth from a bring sport to challenging the top 7 in attendance and profit margins, even if they have a way to go for TV ratings and gross revenues.

    You can be a “proper” snob if you want. But the system in place is working, and it’s working at doing what it was designed to do: grow without spiraling unsustainably out of control, distribute an uneven national talent pool, and develop American players rather than relying on mid-tier foreign names looking for the next jump to another club.

  11. The pick is in 2014, not 2013, so will be based on TFC final spot NEXT season, not this season. TFC was obviously not giving up this years pick which will likely be near the top.

  12. Did Rennie say this was for Soccer Reasons? Sure seem to be dismantling the talent pool they’d accumulated, without getting much in return.

    Are they acquiring someone? Because all this does is cap clear and give them a decent but likely not first draft pick. The very fact TFC is improving weakens the pick value, which is probably why Mariner is willing to deal.

    Boca + DeMerit might be interesting but they are old, and LeToux and Hassli were your two solid veteran forwards. Miller ain’t done a thing yet.

    At least in the short term I think Mariner comes out better on this.

  13. If Boca comes back, there is no way the Revolution are going to pass up on him. McCarthy just got hurt and they need a serious leader. Plus Jay Heaps has been very vocal with his interest. Oh yea and it doesnt hurt that the Revs are #1 in the allocation order.

  14. Very smart move by Toronto. To get a good forward by MLS standards for a 2014 first round pick when the home grown players will be more important than the draft and to give up an international slot. For Vancouver is this the start of doing what is necessary to get Bocanegra?

  15. A win-win for all, in my opinion. TFC had do something in a relative quick manner to offset the Koeverman injury. Likewise, Vancouver had to do something quickly considering the cost of Hassli. He’s too expensive to sit especially when he lost his spot. Smart business by TFC. They got someone in the league, in Canada nonetheless, that they could activate immediately. Hassli, while a foreigner has all the paper work to play in MLS and Canada whereas a player outside MLS would have taken weeks.


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