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Who was the biggest MLS All-Star snub?

CooperHammer (Getty Images)

It happens every year. There are only so many spots to fill on the MLS All-Star team's matchday roster, and as a result, a number of players deserving of participating in the league's mid-summer classic miss out on the opportunity. 

Players like Columbus Crew goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum, New York Red Bulls forward Kenny Cooper and San Jose Earthquakes winger Marvin Chavez have all stepped into new roles this season and excelled, for example. Gruenebaum has stepped into goal for the Crew after a long-term injury to William Hesmer and has come up with six clean sheets while making specatcular saves to keep the Crew in the postseason hunt despite a rash of injuries and changes to the back line. Cooper, meanwhile, is second in the league in goals with 11, while Chavez is tied for second in assists with eight, with both players reaching those heights after offseason trades to their new teams.

They're not the only ones with strong cases to feel a little slighted, though, and while they all may very well end up earning All-Star distinction (14 more players will be voted on by their peers to round out a 32-man MLS All-Star group for contract bonus purposes and will be announced on July 25), they still won't get the chance to take to the field against UEFA Champions League winner Chelsea next Wednesday at PPL Park.

That being said, which MLS player that did not get selected is most deserving of playing in the All-Star Game? Cast your vote after the jump:



How did you vote? Which player that did not get selected do you think has the biggest gripe? Anybody not on our list that you think deserves to take on Chelsea?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Gonna agree with above posters on Frings and Jermaine Taylor.

    I’m gonna say the missed games hurt Frings’ case, but Taylor can play anywhere on the back line and he’s arguably been Houston’s PotY so far.

  2. Cooper has 3 more goals than EJ. Thats not superior production.

    Cooper hasn’t scpred a goal in more than a month while EJ has scored 6 goals in the last 5 weeks.

    I don’t know how much you have seen of Ej this year, but you are a off about his assessment.

    It can be said that Cooper is a product of his surroundings as well.

  3. I was saying Taylor should be on the team as a tough back who plays defense well but Kinnear kneecapped that by essentially using him as a backup to inferior talent. Kinnear has in fact sat Taylor on the bench for lengthy stretches behind Cameron (despite his having an off year as a back), Boswell, and Ashe. Ashe!

    I think it reflects more on the coach than the player but the practical result has been to remove Taylor from all star consideration, even though when played he’s been dominant.

    The irony of your “going forward” comment — as though his prominence is now obvious and Kinnear gets it — would be that Taylor was signed in spring of 2011, and even started the Philly opener and played well. But he wasn’t played very much again until playoff injuries forced him into the semi and MLS Cup, basically forcing Kinnear’s hand. To give him much credit for belatedly realizing that a Jamaican international might be decent, is a tad naive. I thought he was our best defender in the Philly game spring 2011.

  4. Going forward (assuming the epl deal falls through) there is no way in hell Kinnear is sitting Taylor or anybody else in the back in favor of Cameron! Maybe I misunderstood your point but If not I just cant understand how you think Cameron sucking at CB this year could somehow reflect poorly on Taylor?

  5. Jermaine Taylor has been absolutely class, no other way to describe him. I hope there is a tussle between Taylor and the French lose from SKC tomorrow.

  6. I think they got the GKs right.

    Jermaine Taylor of Houston, when used, has played well enough to merit it but suffers from the inexplicable fact that while Cameron was playing CB, Taylor was only being used as an injury fillin, essentially second choice to Ashe or third choice to Cameron plus Hainault/ Boswell. The more he plays, now that we contemplate a post-Cameron potential world, the less defensible that looks.

    Marvin Chavez over The David Beckham Experience. I know Bex sells tickets but give Chavez his credit.

    Cooper, Bruin, and Saborio over Johnson, Pontius, and Henry. I’d go with Cooper for biggest snub because (a) you have to look past him down the list for 3 Fs with fewer goals to snub him and (b) to the extent he loses out to EJ, he has the same Best Comeback-type claim to the spot, and superior production. And EJ is typically a product of environment, limited physical-oriented attributes, sloppy skills, right setting it works, wrong he tanks.

  7. 3rd leading scorer in the league – Will Bruins, easily the biggest snub based on stats. Oh, except for Kenny Cooper (2nd leading scorer) . . . but I just don’t like him 🙂

    Really, with 19 teams and 18 players, there will always be snubs. I like the format (playing outside the league), but it seems like they might consider an expanded roster (maybe 26), and include at least 1 player from each team so that there is more of a reason for each city to be more interested.

    It is rare I watch all-star games, although I’ve watched MLS in the past. Maybe I’d watch to see Chelsea, but since I’m not a fan of them, and no Dynamo are on the team, I’ll probably skip it.

  8. Can’t argue with the roster. No snubs.

    Eddie Johnson has been on fire the past 5 weeks, and provides speed at the striker position.

    Dan Kennedy has been a wall at GK.

    Like I said can’t argue with the roster.

  9. I voted for Marvin Chavez. He has helped take SJ from middle of the table to top of the table. He did well in Dallas but has been even better now that he is on a team with someone who can score off of his crosses.


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