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Altidore nets two more goals in AZ win

JozyAltidoreAZ (Getty)

Jozy Altidore can't stop scoring.

The U.S. Men's National Team forward scored two more goals today, both of the quality variety, in AZ Alkmaar's 3-1 win against Heracles. That gives him four in two matches, and gives him an outstanding start to the season.

Altidore didn't just score tap-in goals today. Both tallies were impressive plays that showed off his impressive range of qualities, as well as showing off the clear confidence he is playing with.

This summer, Altidore said he wanted to improve on his previous season's tally of 22 goals in all competitions, a goal that seemed pretty ambitious. Now it appears that goal is also pretty realistic.

Here are Altidore's goals today:

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  1. As a Hull City supporter I can tell you that Jozy at 19 gave some of the top CHs in the Premier League such as John Terry a torrid time but had no support in a very low scoring team. With a good EPL team Jozy will be a real handful. EPL is made for Jozy.

  2. Depending on the teams which make offers, I would tend to agree, that sticking with AZ until after WC 2014 would probably be the best strategy for Jozy and the USMNT.

  3. Twenty five goals for Milan to me would be more impressive than the same tally in England or Spain, but I agree with your point.

    As it stands now Jozy has a chance to be the US’ first indisputably world class outfield player. Dempsey’s status is disputable (is that a word?) in that he has only done it for a year and he did it at Fulham, a comparatively obscure club. I happen to think he can do well for anyone but even amongst his rabid real Amurkin fans not everyone has the faith in him they should. And of course, we know all about Donovan’s “disputable” status.

    Jozy is young enough, and talented enough so that should he move to a glamour club in Spain or England in the next year or two and replicate his form at AZ for a couple of seasons that just might do it. He’ll have to beat out Mikey Bradley though.

  4. Jozy is 22. Remember less than a year ago people were saying he was washed-up, too lazy to be a player and had no skill?

    Glad to see his youthful, physical talents are now matched with a better understanding.

    Wondolowski continues to improve his game, who even noticed him until he was 26 years old?

    Would that Adu would show similar progress in the mental part of his game.

  5. I am not trying to complicate the issue. Perhaps we can all agree that a 25-goal season in Spain or England is a greater accomplishment than a 25-goal season in Holland?

    I like Altidore and hope he proves to be viewed as a world-class player in the US and abroad. Rather than play at Milan, I would actually like to see him at Fulham, Everton, or perhaps Liverpool.

    Not sure I said anything “gloomy.” Internetters tend to be an extreme bunch; I like to be a realist.

  6. Most goals scored are due to some sort of mistake by a defender.

    What separates the good goalscorer from the average goal scorer is the good one does a better job about taking advantage of those mistakes.

    For example, in the Mexico game,Chicharito had a couple of chances presented to him by the US and failed to properly exploit every one of them. Decidedly poor performance by Chihcharito on the night.

    And if you thank the Jozy’s chances were easy, watch the Guadeluope (sp?) game in last years Gold Cup and watch a great goalscorer in Clint Dempsey butcher sitter after sitter after sitter.

    On the first AZ goal Jozy “lost” his defender and that is why he was so wide open. I haven’t spoken with the defender so I don’t know if he thought someone else had Jozy or if he just lost complete track of him.

    Regardless I’ve seen plenty of other players have that exact same opportunity and shoot wide or over or into the keeper.

    On the second the defenders were trying to jockey Jozy wide and of course had to worry about both a pass or him shooting. Of course he shot but how many times have you seen a player in that exact same spot hit the defender, the keeper, the post or just miss wide? The defenders were playing the odds and Jozy threaded the needle. In other words he beat them, they did not screw up.


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