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Report: Bedoya signs with Helsingborg

Bedoya (Reuters Pictures)

Alejandro Bedoya is on his way back to Sweden.

Bedoya has left Rangers and signed with Helsingborg, a team currently in the mix for a place in the UEFA Champions League group stage, through the rest of the Allsvenskan season, according to Yanks Abroad. Ironically, Helsingborg's opponent in the final UCL qualifying round is Rangers' rival, Celtic. Helsingborg, the former club of current New York Red Bulls centerback Markus Holgersson, currently sits in sixth place in Sweden's top flight and won the league title last season.

Following a solid showing in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup, Bedoya's move to Rangers from Swedish club Orebro was not as fruitful as he would have hoped. Injuries and coaching decisions limited the U.S. international midfielder to just 13 appearances in all competitions, and he scored one goal in the Scottish Premier League.

With Rangers demoted to Scotland's fourth tier amid their financial crisis, Bedoya sought opportunities to play elsewhere. Rangers manager Ally McCoist left both Bedoya and Maurice Edu off the team's roster for a League Cup match earlier this week, saying that both were on their way out from the embattled club. The move guarantees Bedoya of a place in Europe, because even if Helsingborg fall to Celtic in their UCL qualifying playoff, they will drop down to the Europa League group stage.

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  1. Rapid Vienna is hardly “a prominent spotlight” but it would seem to be working for Boyd.

    Sweden is a place Bedoya knows well and can probably get comfortable in very quickly. His biggest problem at Rangers was being healthy and who knows how the off the field stuff contributed?

    Now that he is healthy and doesn’t have to worry so much about his club disappearing he will try to get what he needs most, regular playing time. MLS would consitute a major shift for him and right now, he just needs to get comfortable on the field. Sweden just may be the place to do that.

    If he excels then the January transfer window beckons.

  2. “I think he should head to Holland next season.”

    A team has to want you before you can sign with them.

    Ale’s had plenty of time to make a deal with a Dutch team. It looks like none of them wanted him or maybe he did not want to go there.

    Ale, Boca and Mo are in what is referrred to as a buyers market. You’re not talking about Hulk, Thiago Silva and Kompany here.

  3. MLS better than the Swedish league? I doubt it. A lot of players that start for MLS teams couldn’t make a League 1 roster.

    MLS’s rosters are so imbalanced with DP’s and scrubs its hard to compare the league to other leagues

  4. Real polite I’d say. He’s now Rangers captain. I’m quite sure he will be gone back to France within a few weeks. But he hasn’t publicly shown himself to be weaseling a way out of the club, which I’m sure the fans appreciate.

    don’t worry

  5. It’s good that he’s left Rangers. He’s set to play 3 more months with Helsingborg. If they beat Celtic and get to the group stage, and he plays well, this will do wonders for him. I think he should head to Holland next season. He’s a good player but after his injury and lack of playing in Scotland, he’s been pushed over by younger players.

    Oh and why did Bradley bring Beasley to the WC2010/ He should have brought Bedoya. He was playing very well at that time

  6. I kind of agree. I think marginal guys like him need lots of PT and a prominent spotlight and this feels like neither. But MLS midseason probably meant a paycut and he’s probably trying to replicate the Orebro experience.

    Diskerud and some of the others are really more “European” inasmuch as they’re passport players but Bedoya would have made sense to come home. I wonder if he and Davies (also BC) talked about his DC experience any.

  7. “More likely?” World Cup is in 2 years, and he’s presently probably outside looking in, I’d have signed with more of a sure thing.

    [I’d say the same thing about Diskerud. Marginal player to marginal team, if tree falls in forest and no one hears it does it make a sound?]

    I don’t think spot play in the group round of Europa magically makes you better.

  8. Although (apparently) a short-term contract, looks like a good first step to restart his career after making the major mistake of going to the Rangers. I ran across this bizarre news story in a local newspaper a couple of weeks ago and thought it seemed like he was in a creepy situation there, convinced me he should get out at all costs.

  9. It may be “Better” in terms of pure competition and quality of players, but the quality of coaches/coaching, training staff/training facilities, and general style of play still concerns me.

  10. Plus side – Europa / Champs league

    On the other hand… MLS is a better league top – bottom. Would like to see some of these guys come home and relaunch.

  11. van helsing’s team? dude better watch his neck. hey, you guys seeing this DemoLesson chick on the side? she’s pretty cute, no?

  12. both were great when in great form, right now who knows? idk id take Shea over the next 5 years over bedoya in same time frame..

  13. I really hope he can land somewhere a little better, maybe Ligue 1? After his Gold Cup play I rated him as a sub for the USMNT. I still rate him higher than Break Shea.

  14. Good move. Although its not a big league, he is more likely to get playing time he will get an opportunity in the Europa League. I’m hoping he dose well because we don’t have many good left sided wingers.

  15. i like that him and Mix both signed short term deals. No reason to sign anything long term at this point, better to just get out of Glasgow and move on


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