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Chandler cites schedule and travel as reasons for latest USMNT snub

Timmy Chandler (John Dorto:ISIphotos)

photo by John Dorton/

There was yet another turn in the Timmy Chandler-U.S. men's national team saga on Monday, but it is not one unfamiliar to American soccer fans.

According to a German report, Chandler was called up for the United States' Wednesday friendly against Mexico at Azteca Stadium but he passed on the opportunity due to the scheduling and 'strenous' travel that would have been required. Chandler reportedly was not keen on joining the U.S. team as he would have returned to FC Nurnberg from international duty on Saturday, a day before the club's DFB Pokal first round game against TSV Havelse.

U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who said Chandler was not committed to the U.S. team on Sunday, was reportedly not pleased with the 22-year-old's latest snub but he accepted it nonetheless. Nurnberg sporting director Martin Bader also reportedly had a conversation with Klinsmann to help smooth things over.

What do you think of this latest development? Starting to give up hope on Chandler? Do you still envision him playing for the United States in the near future? Do you even want him to?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. For those of you ripping this 22 yr old veteran apart, maybe you could create scenario and place yourself in it as an exercise. Something along the lines of growing up in the US and dreaming of playing for the NATS some day, but you had some avenue of playing for a lesser yet still very competent nation (Japan or South Korea would be a good example as they will likely qualify for the WC, but it is a geographic challenge and between MLS fixtures you get to jet over to the Far East for national team games). Remember you are 22 again so reflect on some of genius-like decisions we all made, and there is a chance that the US will call you in based on whatever rumblings that have been reported. Don’t get pissed, or do if you must, but honestly consider some scenario that makes sense to you. It sucks, but it is understandable whether we like it or not…… make matters worse he is a pretty good player and most of us would pencil him in on our line-up cards (of course as this continues he could be without a seat when the music stops). He probably is not enjoying the whole episode very much either.

  2. Good luck with that one. I’ve been shocked at the quick sell out of the USMNT to economic interests. The old days are gone. You and I have our memories of teams that went up against giants and came out with their heads held high. From here on in its Globaloney McDonalds teams for the masses, stuff you can sell on the supermarket shelf on a box of cereal. Every country chooses its own path. England’s national team has always been subsumed to the EPL interests but everybody more or less understands it and people don’t expect the English team to do all that well. What? No Beckham in the Olympics? shock!!!! Doesn’t our national team manager know that his hair mousse contract is up for renewal? Spain and Mexico are going their own way and having success. Brazilians are going another way, and the USA, sadly, is going in the way that USA always goes. And why shouldn’t they? There is hardly a single post in this thread with any sense of pride and character.

  3. Exactly.

    And that game IS more important to Timmy and if I were he it would be more important to me too. I am not he, but if I were…..

    Most people just pass opinions on this subject without ever trying in the least to put themselves in the other person’s position.

    Chandler has made the right decision, just as you point out. He would not miss that game in Germany for anything and I understand it totally. I would do the same if I were he. I’m not him, but if I were……

  4. Klinsmann wants players who are committed to the national team. The underlying reason Chandler didn’t accept the callup is that he’s not committed, as we all know by now. I don’t hold it against him, but I think everyone would be a little less hostile toward him if he gave us the decency of admitting it.

  5. Since Lichaj has been pulled in the mix here, I understand the anger and frustration toward Chandler but I am holding out the hope that he would rejoin us and be capped. Once he become capped with either nation, I will accept it and move on. Historically, the world cup champions tend to have a very strong backline with DEPTH. So we would want both Chandler and Lichaj at RB.


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