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Fire loan out playmaker Grazzini


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The curious case of Sebastian Grazzini and the Chicago Fire has come to a resolution.

The Fire loaned Grazzini to Argentine club Atletico de Rafaela on Friday. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. The Fire had exercised their option on the Argentine playmaker for a second year at the end of June after a bit of a contract dispute, but Grazzini had returned to his native country because of a family issue soon after.

Grazzini, 31, had not played for the Fire since a June 23 win over Columbus in which he registered an assist. Grazzini had emerged as an important part of the Fire's attack after joining the club as a free agent 13 months ago. He had five goals and four assists in 11 games last season and added two goals in five assists in 14 matches this season.

With attacking reinforcements such as Chris Rolfe, Alex, Sherjill MacDonald and Alvaro Fernandez brought in mid-season, the Fire had the flexibility to part ways with Grazzini. 

What do you think of this development? Do you think the Fire can continue to succeed without Grazzini?

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  1. This had little, if anything to do with Frank Klopas. Klopas was put numerous times in the position of having to be spokesperson, feeding the media what Guillermo Petrei and Javier Leon wanted him to say. This was mainly on their shoulders, as well as Robayo and Puppo. Puppo was Javier Leon’s pick, and I don’t think anyone in Chicago could have guessed things would have gone the way they did with Robayo, but those things sometimes happen too (Nery Castillo, anyone?).

    As for “old times”, I think it depends on what kind of “old times” you’re referring to. The last two years where wins were a struggle and the Fire missed the playoffs, or the old times where making the playoffs was a given. Especially since they’re sitting fairly comfortably in a playoff spot currently, with a favorable schedule the rest of the way out to wrap up the season.

  2. Exactly the type of player that the club needs and they loan him out. Why didn’t Robayo and Puppo fit either?

    After Klopas’ start, I thought the franchise was invigorated, but it seems like back to old times. There may a streak of Nowak in this guy.

    It’s back to relying on Logan Pause….sad

  3. The few who do know aren’t talking about it, and probably never will. Also, it’s worth noting that Grazzini never spent more than 1 1/2 seasons at any one previous club since starting his pro career. In that regard, the cards for maintaining a long term relationship with the club were already stacked against him.

  4. I’m not sure the entire story has been told so most everything from what I have heard is strictly speculation. Maybe Sebe didn’t fit in in the locker room so the Fire thought he was expendable. Maybe the Fire knew they were looking at others that could take his place and didn’t want to commit big bucks to keeping him. I personally think he is an excellent player but I’m not sure anyone really knows the inside story.

  5. This has been a source of consternation for Fire fans for a long time. The situation was badly handled on both sides, perhaps, but the FO looks worse than the player in this instance considering the other bad choices that were made – Puppo and Robayo in particular were wastes of money. Puppo a DP! It still boggles the mind. Let’s hope that the words “Sherjill MacDonald” and “DP” don’t sound as mind-boggling next to each other by this time next year.

  6. No fee was paid for the loan. Grazzini, for his part, could’ve handled the situation differently (ie-stayed and played out the rest of the season), but the FO botched things up pretty badly to the point that he probably didn’t want to stay. Grazzini was promised more money, but the FO never delivered thanks to bringing in Puppo as a DP at the beginning of the season.

  7. Why extend an option for an additional year if the result is loaning out said player for the additional year?

    Is there some sort of nominal compensation for loaning his services?

  8. Totally mishandled by the Fire. He reportedly was payed only 50,000$. He proved he was worth more than that. Consider Logan Pause Corbin Bone and Puppo were payed more


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