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Great Britain, Mexico both win to book places in Men’s Olympic quarterfinals

Great Britain (Getty Images)

It may have been more nerve-racking than most fans would have liked, but Great Britain is through to the quarterfinals in this summer's Olympics.

Great Britain emerged as leaders from Group A while simultaneously eliminating Uruguay after a 1-0 victory over the South Americans at Millenium Stadium on Wednesday. Daniel Sturridge score the lone goal, netting seconds before halftime to give the home team a lead it would never relinquish to Luis Suarez and co.

Great Britain were just one of six teams to book their place to the next round on Wednesday. Both CONCACAF teams, Mexico and Honduras, advanced to knockout phase after picking up results. El Tri defeated and eliminated Switzerland, 1-0, in Group B while Honduras went through in Group D after playing to a scoreless draw with Japan.

Here are the results from the final group games as well as the quarterfinal matches on tap:


Senegal 1-1 United Arab Emirates

Great Britain 1-0 Uruguay


Mexico 1-0 Switzerland

South Korea 0-0 Gabon


Brazil 3-0 New Zealand

Egypt 3-1 Belarus


Japan 0-0 Honduras

Spain 0-0 Morocco



8/4 Japan vs. Egypt (Old Trafford)

8/4 Mexico vs. Senegal (Wembley Stadium)

8/4 Brazil vs. Honduras (St. James' Park)

8/4 Great Britain vs. South Korea (Millenium Stadium)


What do you think of Great Britain advancing to the quarterfinals of the Olympics? Think they have a chance to win it all? Impressed by both CONCACAF nations advancing out of group play? Who do you see reaching the semis?

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  1. Great to see CONCACAF well represented in the quarters.

    It’s been a fun tournament to watch so far, but I think you have to say that it’s Brazil’s tournament to lose at this point. They are just so much more talented than anyone else that anything short of a gold medal for them would have to be seen as a huge disappointment.

  2. Wonder how David Beckham feels seeing Team GB playing so well without him. Probably mixed emotions, but maybe feeling more unhappy than happy. Whatever the case, no one can deny that Stuart Pearce made the right decision leaving him off the squad in favor of players with less star quality in order to keep the focus on the team and that he has done a great job in difficult circumstances. Team GB looked very solid yesterday and played with passion.

  3. Yeah, no goal for 270 minutes of Olympic play, it’s all because of “refs helping”.


    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

  4. 1. There is such a thing as regional pride.
    2. Sometimes ‘non-Hispanics’ know people with Mexican or Central American backgrounds, and even like them.
    3. There are CONCACAF nations other than the US that are anglophone (Canada, Jamaica) or francophone (Canada, Haiti).
    4. FIFA determines national rankings, tournament seedings, and number of entries into the World Cup in part based on how strong the teams in the confederation are.

  5. Big love and respect for Mexico and Honduras for representing CONCACAF. Best of luck going forward for the both of them.

  6. Refs helping Mex as usual how was that not a PK and red card, the Mex player wasn’t even given yellow. The first time a Swiss player gave Mex so much as a dirty look yellow card!

  7. i saw the friendly between Mex u-23 & Senegal u-23 in San Fran in a doubleheader at at&t, and Mex was pretty dominant. Honduras has a chance if they just annoy the youknowwhat out of Brazil. Just look Neth vs Brazil during the last world cup. Robben was an effing genius in that game, not of the game of footie but of the mental game.

  8. Mexico is lucky in that they avoided the locals and won’t meet the Brazilians unless both teams make it to the final. I really hope Honduras makes Brazil work hard, though I don’t think anyone sees them winning. Would be terrific for Honduras and CONCACAF, though. Even an all-CONCACAF final is possible!

  9. Yeah, but we all know it wouldn’t really mean anything. It’s only the Olympics – would never happen in an important tournament

  10. CONCACAF has the same number of teams remaining in the tournament as UEFA and CONMEBOL combined. It is not very likely, but theoretically we could see the following semifinalists: Egypt, Senegal, Honduras and South Korea. If this happens, the sponsors will be pissed.


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