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Ipswich Town deny making Edu offer

Edu (Getty Images)

Maurice Edu's transfer saga has taken a bit of an odd turn.

Two days after Rangers manager Ally McCoist claimed that League Championship side Ipswich Town had made an offer for the U.S. international, the club's manager, Paul Jewell, denied that his club had done such a thing

"I don't know what the story is with Maurice Edu," Jewell told the BBC. "It's been reported that we've made him an offer – that isn't true. There's speculation linking us with a number of players. I'm not prepared to talk about speculation, but we are in the market for players, and we know we have to improve."

Based on the comments made by a rather candid McCoist this week, it appeared that the two transfer options for Edu ahead of the summer transfer deadline were Ipswich Town, who are off to a 1-0-1 start in league play, and Stoke City, where playing time might be hard to come by but is a Premier League side where he would be teammates with Geoff Cameron.

If Ipswich are truly out of the running, then that leaves a little more than a week for something to materialize with Stoke or a late suitor for Edu, who has made it clear that he wishes to leave the fourth-tier Scottish club prior to the close of the summer transfer window.

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  1. MLS clubs shouldnt have to promote the USNT but they are foolish for not jumping on this oppurtunity.. Both are free transfers, and are ideal dps here. Im sure they want to stay in Europe but a short term high paying gig in US right b4 qualifying would be a good idea.

    For the same reasons i cant believe they have not been picked up by another euro club. Experienced quality players with no transfer fees, probably willing to sign a 1 yr deal, play anywhere, and prove themselves..

    The anti American bias with Dempseys transfer is one thing because of the high price tag but if these 2 dont get a deal something is wrong

  2. PT is PT and both are great teams. If he out of favor at CP then move on, never thought of him as someone who would play in LaLiga but go for it

  3. If he does not have a good strong offer soon US Soccer should step forward a bit to help one of our guys. Its an odd situation with the Rangers going from 1st to last division.

    He can find something on his own…but I dont want him to feel he has to grab the first contract that comes his way and maybe get stuck in a club that is no good or not a good fit for him if the situation just needs more time. Again…its odd…its not an issue from his play/performance or the club. He was not near a contract end where he should have been looking…and even when the new broke rather then jump ship day one Carlos and him for example needed to see where things would end up with the club which is a good quality to have before making the call.

    For Edu and Carlos…I hope they find and get something worked out, but they have earned the right to a little extra help from US soccer for all of the time they have put in on the USMNT. I am sure they are helping to find a spot behind the scenes or JK going through his Roladex (remember those?? Its like an “App” for your contact list that sits on your desk and not in your phone) as well. I would just like US Soccer and MLS to say “hey…if you dont find a fit, we can get you on an MLS team with a short 1-year deal with the ability to leave in the Jan transfer without penalty.”…maybe the pay is not much….but it gives a safety net. If they dont have enough time to get a good option then get them on an MLS team. The club could use the help. Our National Team guys get back to fitness in time for the games and have more time to find a longer term solution (or stay with the MLS club if they like it for longer)….anyway…maybe its not something they want right now and I am sure they have some good options and things happening, but it would be a nice way to help out two of our Yanks with a very odd situation by working with MLS to get them on a club for the season and an easy out option in a way that it would be a win for all involved if needed.

  4. Between Edu/Bocanegra and Dempsey, I’m getting exhausted following the travels (or lack there of) of USMNT players. Just find a good team and sign a contract with them. We need these guys to be playing.

    I know I’m oversimplifying it… but I’m just ready for the transfer saga to be over.

  5. I would love for Edu to go play in Holland for AJAX. They just sold Vernon Anita and could really use a PURE DESTROYER in the middle. Hell, send him to AZ with Jozy. I would love to see him with a single role of Attack Killer for an offends minded team.

  6. Why? I guess you don’t get BeIN sports.

    I hope Ray Hudson calls this game. That would just make my night so complete.

  7. they’re such liers. They are either 1- saving face 2- trying to hard ball with rangers. Either way playing for ipswitch represents a downward trend in his career. He should be in France or EPL. Even a team like PSV would be better. Anyways anything is better than Scottish Football. Now if we could just convince bone head bocanegra to leave asap we would be ok.

  8. the difference is that the Rangers haven’t held up their side of the contract. If I recall, all Rangers players were basically told they were taking a significant pay cut, or they’d be on their way out. In Edu’s case, they want to sell him, not let him walk so they’re holding out for more, while Mr. Edu is making much less than what the contract calls for.

  9. “Semantics you say? Well, not so fast. There’s other ways of handing this.

    Even if they made an offer, just flat out deny it. Additionally (and the most important part), tell the media Edu refuses to play and fine the player/ban them from participating if they’re unwilling to stay with the club…I say.”

    -Martin Jol

    On a serious note, why are the same “boo-birds” and “he signed a contract!” do-gooders not villianizing Edu for wanting to leave Rangers? After all, he signed a contract, right?

    Bocanegra is staying with Rangers. He signed a contract, too.

    Before anyone attempts to say the situation is different….a contract is a contract, according to your logic.

    Just find it odd these people are no where to be found in this situation.

  10. That is very interesting news! If that was true and Levante signed him – do you think that would be an upgrade or downgrade from Sporting Lisbon?

    One hand, he would play in La Liga but on the other, Sporting Lisbon is a better club, no?

    In terms of Edu, I wonder if Stoke City, if it is true they are interested, would see him as a CB? I think having Edu in the CB spot consistently for the USMNT is the way to go. He did look a little shaky at times in Mex but can’t blame him. Throughout the years, I don’t think he has proven himself as a CDM and it is our most crowded spot at the moment. See him more valuable at CB. Nice we have a guy that could play both though.

  11. Changing gears…just read that beIn Sports has bought the rights to the next 2 USMNT qualifiers (v. Jamaica on 9/7 and Antigua & Barbuda on 10/12)! This is bad news…

  12. Of course Ipswich is going to deny making a bid, it strengthens their position in negotiations. On the other side, Rangers claiming that a second bid (Stoke) has been made puts pressure on both teams to fight for Edu, which is exactly what Rangers needs ($$$).

  13. If all else fails, he can come to the Revs for the remainder of the season and then move back to Europe in the winter transfer window.


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