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Mid-Day Ticker: Arsenal close in on Cazorla, Spurs reject Modric bid and more

Santi Cazorla (Getty Images)


Arsenal may soon have a bit of Spanish flavor in their attack.

The Premiership club is nearing a deal to acquire midfielder Santi Cazorla from Spanish club Malaga, and the Spain international is scheduled to undergo a medical in London later this week. The reported transfer fee Arsenal is going to pay Malaga for the 27-year-old midfielder is estimated to be $27 million.

Cazorla was a part of the Spain team that claimed a second successive European Championship title. Last season, he started 38 games for Malaga while scoring nine times and assisting on five other goals.

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It looks like Real Madrid will have to open up the piggy bank a bit more if they wish to acquire Luke Modric from Tottenham Hotspur this summer. The Spurs have turned down a reported bid of $46.8 million from Real Madrid and are believed to want a transfer fee of $62.4 million instead. Modric has reportedly agreed to personal terms with Real Madrid, but the Spanish giants must now meet Tottenham's demands in order to acquire the skilled Croatian midfielder.


Most of the signs this summer have pointed to Andy Carroll exiting Liverpool before the summer transfer window closes, and the latest bit of evidence of that is his omission from the club's roster for their upcoming Europa League match. Carroll has been left out of the Liverpool squad that will take on FC Gomel in a third round Europa League qualifier, adding more speculation to where Carroll's future lies. The forward has been linked with moves to West Ham United and Newcastle United this summer.


Senegal international Demba Ba had a release clause in his deal with Newcastle United, but he chose to let it pass and will apparently stick with the club for the upcoming season. The 27-year-old striker let the July 31 deadline to activate a a release clause from his contract pass, and now little doubt remains about where he will play in the near future. Ba had a strong first season with Newcastle, as he led the team in goals scored with 16.


Think Cazorla would be a good fit for Arsenal? Do you see Modric joining Real Madrid befor the summer transfer window closes? Where do you see Carroll at the start of the season?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. In the original Red Dawn, it was Russia and their Cuban allies invading Kansas(?) None of that ever made any sense but it was a lot of fun to watch.

  2. Twitter is aflutter with Dempsey to PSG rumors! Anyone know anything about this!?

    OK, not really, but that would be cool, right?

  3. that deal also included Sahin and Ricardo. i don’t think we need Modric to begin with, now i hope Madrid just stop the pursuit all together.

  4. Israel playing in European competions is not nearly as strange as Kazakhstan clubs playing in European competitions. If Israel is on the Western outskirts of Asia, Kazakhstan is smack in the middle of the continent. As for unfairness, I doubt that Israeli clubs are complaining – they play against better teams, in better stadiums, with shorter travel and more prize money.

  5. haha really? Thats terrible. I’m still in shock about the Total Recall remake. How do you take a R movie from the 80s and make it pg-13 now. Those 80s R movies were a hard R. not to mention, I think the original is one of the best action flicks ever made.

  6. There are many, many sad things about the situation, but I have to say, on the whole, Israeli players not being is major tournaments is way down the list.

  7. O/T but in the upcoming Red Dawn remake, North Korea invades the USA. Insane right? It was originally China but the producers were afraid the Chinese wouldn’t buy the film and distribute with them as the villain, so in post-production they altered everything and added the Koreans.

  8. Agreed re: neutral location.

    Ben, I hear what you’re saying and I’m not disagreeing. But I just feel for quality Israeli players (past, present and future) that will likely never get a chance to play in a big-time international competition because of the refusal of other nations to recognize their 60+ year existence.

    Just sad.

  9. Well, the North Koreans at least recognize the state of South Korea. It’s trickier to play a country that you refuse to recognize. Anyhow, N. Korea is pretty isolated. Syria, Iraq, Iran, the Saudis and the gulf states, all don’t recognize Israel, which is a fair portion of the Asian federation. I think the Israelis would also have security worries, and can you imagine an Israeli team going to Tehran and triumphing? or vice versa? I don’t think the politicians on either side are eager to test that.

  10. Good point – the North and South Koreans do ok. These Israel vs. Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, etc… games would have to be played in a neutral venue of course, but they should be playable

  11. I know that’s the reason, but it’s absurd and totally unfair to Israel. They would qualify (or at least fair better) in Asia.

  12. Isn’t it strange that Israeli clubs compete in the European Champions League, as opposed to the Asian club tournament.

    Israel is in Asia.

    Same question re: Israel having to qualify for the World Cup in Europe.


  13. I believe the Israeli league has climbed to like no14 on the UEFA coefficients. That’s impressive considering you hear more about the Polish league than Israel


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