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SBI MLS Team of the Week: Seattle Sounders

Seattle Sounders (Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Galaxy have been on the rise in recent weeks, but the Seattle Sounders brought them back to reality with a thorough victory.

The Sounders dismantled a full-strength Galaxy side, 4-0, at CenturyLink Field in a week that also included a 3-1 triumph over Caledonia AIA in the CONCACAF Champions League. The two convincing victories and the performances in them gave Seattle SBI's MLS Team of the Week award.

Honorable mention for this week's award go to the Houston Dynamo and Colorado Rapids. The Dynamo put forth a dominant performance in a win over the New York Red Bulls en route to claiming first place in the Eastern Conference, while Colorado upset Real Salt Lake, 1-0, at home.

What do you think of the Sounders' winning this week's honors? Should it have been a different team? How impressed were you by their dismantling of the Galaxy?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. don’t see how you can say EJ and Ozzie were talking crap when they were just reacting to LA fouls that should have received cards but didn’t. and LA wines that the ref was against them, if that ref was against them they could have lost two players to reds.

  2. Either or. Neither New York nor Los Angeles showed up for their matches and the better teams won in decisive fashion. Houston and Seattle are the two teams in the best form right now for sure but we are still three months out. I was surprised at how much crap Seattle was talking (especially EJ and Ozzie) and I hope that doesn’t come back to bite them in the butt later. There was a part of me that was wondering if that was the old lack of mental toughness showing up. Let the performance on the field speak for itself.

  3. Dynamo deserved it hands down this week. Completely shutdown NY from the getgo. Henry and Cahill were a no show and Holgersson should be embarassed by his play. Friday’s match will be heated.

  4. My heart says Dynamo but the truth is that New York really wasn’t that competitive and the Sounders just dismembered a pretty good Galaxy squad. Don’t really get the props you give the Rapids, though RSL is a very tough opponent.

  5. Well deserved this week. I still think we have some work to do — a lot of pieces to integrate, and our backline still doesn’t quite inspire full confidence despite our good statistics with Gspurning in goal — but this was a good week to be a Sounders fan.


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