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The U.S. Open Cup final video rewind



  1. Thanks for that video. Just goes to show that Seattle is crying for no reason. Gspurning has both feet a foot off the line before he even makes his first move while Nielsen is on and has his trailing foot on the line even through his first move. You do realize that the keeper may come off of their line when the shooter makes contact right? Gspurning was simply never on the line he moved with the shooter’s movement and was clearly away before the shot.

  2. Was (honestly) surprised at the level and duration of hate/whining from Sounders fans online. In person at LSP, they were polite and spirited. Ricardo Salazar got more grief from SKC fans. But holy crap, they have become click-bait on every soccer website I’ve visited. MLS’s site had a hilarious comparison between Nielsen and Gspurning’s positions on/off their lines during the PKs, and the hate was vicious.

    Why not during the MLS Cup…?


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