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Van Persie headed to Manchester United

RVPRooney (Reuters Pictures)

The Robin van Persie transfer saga has come to a conclusion, and it is one that has the Dutch striker set for a major move from the Emirates to Old Trafford.

Arsenal announced that they have reached an agreement with Manchester United for the transfer of Van Persie, who has been the subject of transfer rumors for months, including potential moves to United rival Manchester City and Italian champion Juventus. Van Persie is set to arrive in Manchester on Thursday for a physical and to agree to personal terms with the Red Devils.

With the addition of Van Persie, Manchester United now has the top two goal scorers in the Premier League from last season, as he teams with Wayne Rooney to form one of the more frightening forward tandems in the league. The move comes on the heels of United adding Borussia Dortmund attacker Shinji Kagawa and agreeing to a long-term deal with forward Danny Welbeck, fortifying an attacking nucleus that is shaping up to be one of the finest in all of Europe.

What do you think of this development? Does this make Manchester United the favorites in England? In all of Europe?

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  1. I will say I’m happy about the £20m+ fee, though. ManU probably should’ve gotten him for less, given he’s 29 and injury-prone.

  2. Drag them on his back? For one season, sure. Before then, he was injury-plagued and Arsenal could’ve sold him off because of it, but didn’t, instead opting to stand behind their player and the potential they knew he had. In return, after an amazing season, he signs for a major rival, despite some (admittedly surprisingly) half-way decent signings. Lack of class.

  3. False. It’s not just about him signing with another team. His lack of loyalty to the team that stood by him time and again through his fit of injuries, only to go to a major rival, shows a complete lack of class. I don’t wish injury upon him, but nevertheless: Good f*cking riddance.

  4. When I first read about this, no amount of cuss words could describe how I feel.

    But I’m past that now. My main thing is of all teams he could go to, that’s where he goes. It’s shameful.

  5. Both Arshavin and Ramsey have been linked to Fulham this summer. Don’t be surprised to see Arshavin, Ramsey, and 2 million pounds headed to Fulham for Dempsey. The only question is whether Ramsey is loaned or sold to Fulham.

  6. +1!!!!
    Arsenal are running themselves as a real business by keeping profits every year. What other top level club in the world is doing that and competing as highly?
    It’s sad that any old oil baron can come into any club and spend $250mil and make a great team. That’s bullsh*t. That’s the same thing MLB does and is there any parody at all in that league? NO. UEFA sucks if it doesn’t put the smack down on salaries/losses.

  7. True, all he did was drag them back to the champions’ league on his back, covering for the loss of a couple or four major talents who fled in the past two years and were not replaced, while Wenger fiddled and the owners counted pennies.

    He really should have wasted his entire career at Arsenal with no chance of winning anything, so the fans could sit quietly and watch proudly as their club sinks into mid-table obscurity. No worries, I’m sure any day now a 17-year-old French winger will save the club.

  8. Wake up son…. how about a little perspective: The man who was one of the few shining elements of what I assume is your team last year, has merely changed places of employment in order to pursue greater opportunity. Best hope you never suffer the same fate you wish upon others.

  9. I’m actually okay with this. When he’s in-form, RvP is one of the top two or three pure strikers in the world, but last year’s tally was the exception, not the rule. And players tend to get more brittle as they age, not less. I don’t blame RvP for getting as much money as he can, and I certainly don’t blame Arsenal for selling him for as much as they can. His value is unlikely to ever be higher.

    I just hope the players they brought in pass muster. I’m pretty excited about Cazorla’s signing. Like Arshavin, Cazorla’s pretty short, but he looks like a lot less of a head-case than the Russian. On the other hand, Podolski doesn’t look like as good of a fit in Arsenal’s system.

    It’d be great if they could add a player with the kind of fire Dempsey has, but it might be tough for Deuce to crack that lineup. Arsenal definitely looks deeper than they have in recent years.

  10. Mehhh, sad to lose him, but Viera, Henry, Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor, etc. once sold, never really matched their best form that they had at Arsenal with new clubs. Good chance same will happen with Van Persie, Euros form could be premonition. Cesc about the only one keeping form and contributing, possibly Cole. Nasri still to be seen, but he can’t even become a steady starter at City.

  11. Eh FA Cup Carling Cup Champion’s League and the Premier League. I think I’d take my chances on getting the same amount of games.

  12. “I love it!!Arsenal werent gonna win this season. nor the next..”

    …Nor the next after next and the season after that next season…(Status Quo continues well beyond 2020)

    I couldnt help to point out that your statement was a tad incomplete.


    Man United/Manchester United or United
    But never Man U!

  13. Maybe. Wenger is a follower of Demsey, but they stocked thre team pretty good this summer. However, having a bag o’ money from the Van Persie sale and needing proven goalscorers it make sense that Arsenal might take a bite at Dempsey. The other upside for the Duece is that a big sale like that has a reverberating effect across the EPL. Liverpool might up their bid to Fulham’s liking if they think Arsenal may swoop.
    I think Dempsey is greatly undervalued. If he were an Englishman he would be commanding 30+M pounds, but the media grossly overhypes even the most modest achievements of English players.

    It will be an interesting 2 weeks

  14. kagawa cannot lay the cm position in a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1, he can only play well behind the striker, haanover was able to walk over man u’s midfield for a reason. van persie will help united but it is not where they need the help, kagawa was already going to help the attack by playing behind a strker. this money should have gone to helping the center mid, not by adding a luxury while adding another player to fit into 2 positions. to be fair this transfer sends a message to city that they can spend money too.

  15. Of course the market is inflated, but united aren’t innocent bystanders.

    Almost every player in their first 18 was bought for 10M+. City did the same thing, they just did it over the span of 18 months.

  16. If Nasri were to run into RVP and they both explode i’d be fine with that.

    But Seriously, Podolski, Giroud, Carzola and whoever else could come in can replace RVP who has been healthy for a total of 1 season

  17. In this era owners can either compete for trophies by spending themselves into ruin, or they can show a lack of commitment by spending responsibly.

    I for one think it’s remarkable what arsenal have been able to do, trophy or no trophy.

  18. I’m not sure that RVP will pass his physical. I’ve heard he has problems with his back after carrying the team for so many years.

  19. Curious what you mean when you say “supported through injury struggles”?

    Isn’t it standard practice for a club to provide medical attention to their injured players?

  20. Ridiculous claim. These guys are professionals, not hostages to a club.

    RVP did everything he could to bring success to arsenal. And in the end he fetched arsenal 24M.

  21. will be interesting to see how this impacts Hernandez’s playing time, effectiveness, etc.

    does Arsenal need a lower priced performer now perhaps? maybe gtv 🙂

  22. Just another signing? United don’t sign remotely the big names that City, Chelsea, and now PSG do. Van Persie is their biggest signing since Berbatov, which was four years ago. You don’t think the transfer market is inflated now?

  23. I know you’re being sarcastic (I hope), but on that reasoning, wouldn’t Wondolowski score a lot more than 10-12 goals a season if MLS is somewhat equal to the EPL?

  24. Arsenal as a brand just took another major knock. I hope the club can get out of this funk and back to their awe-inspiring ways. Not sure how much the MLS/American influence is hurting Arsenal here… they’re just not keeping pace with the world class teams/global brands.

    On the flip side, I hope they go out and buy Clint Dempsey.

  25. Can you explain to me what exactly Kronke has done wrong at Arsenal?

    I’d really love to hear an in-depth opinion on it.

    Please tell me it’s not because he’s refused to spend unlimited funds in the transfer market.

  26. Unclear. I like to know how the two play together and how the team plays and where the offense goes through. That’s my view.

    I’d say Rooney is always a safe pick, takes penalties, gets assists, but RVP with his injury history, moving to a new team, etc is a bigger question mark. Might be too expensive.


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