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Dempsey opens Tottenham account with game winner against Manchester United

Clint Dempsey Spurs (Getty Images)

Another big game, another goal for Clint Dempsey.

Tottenham Hotspur ended their long winless streak at Old Trafford that dates back to 1989 on Saturday, and it was Dempsey who provided the decisive finish in Spurs' 3-2 victory over Manchester United.

Dempsey opened his Tottenham scoring account early in the second half by knocking home a rebound seconds after a Nani goal had trimmed Spurs' lead. United scored shortly after to make things interesting again, but they never found a response to Dempsey's tally.

The goal was Dempsey's biggest contribution in a 70-minute outing in which he put in a lot of work defensively but was relatively quiet offensively. Dempsey did a lot of hustling on defense to help stymie United's stacked attack but it was not until he found the back of the net in the 52nd minute that his impact was really felt.

Here's the goal:


What do you think of Dempsey scoring the winner over Man Utd? Impressed with Spurs' win? Think this will help Dempsey go on a tear?

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  1. That’s pretty funny no love, because I’m thinking If your weak a$$ comment were a shot on goal… you just scuffed it badly and it dribbled meekly off frame.

  2. Sir Alex is whining that there wasn’t enough added time. That’s just hilarious to me, he didn’t get his Fergie time so it’s time to whine about it.

  3. There really should be a way to differentiate a game winner that occurs when the score is 2-2 (game winner in the present) versus 2-0 (game winner after the fact).

  4. Note that there is no mention of Dempsey during the analysis of the goal. No mention of his run, his ability to be in the right place at the right time. Rest assured if it was Defoe who scored the goal with Dempsey on the wing,…we would have heard all about Defoe’s nose for the goal and his predatory instincts, etc., etc.

    Wonder why Dempsey’s transfer dragged on so long?

    AVB won’t forget that goal,…nor will he forget Friedel’s calm under immense pressure during the last 30 minutes.

    To quote SAF, they “have that American thing.”

    Well done Brad and Clint!

  5. Notice during the analysis of the that there was no mention of Dempsey (his run,…being at in the right place at the right time, etc.)…..

    Does anyone wonder why his transfer dragged out as it did. If if was Dempsey on the wing (instead of Defoe) and Defoe who finished,…all we would have been hearing is what a predator Defoe is, what great instincts he has for finding the goal, etc. etc. etc,…

    Well,…AVB will remember this one and when he is filling out his team sheets he will want his winners on the field,…including Dempsey and Friedel.

    To quote SAF,…”he’s got that American thing.” Clint and Brad have it.

  6. I think this will definitely give him confidence going forward, but I do have to say I wasn’t very impressed with deuce for most of the game, he just seemed slow compared to everyone else on the field, he might still be lacking in fitness or maybe he’s just not as fast as everyone else out there, but he did an excellent job not letting the play die and cleaning out that goal. A classic win against Man U.

  7. The title of this article and the first line are sad. Talk about misleading people! It should say Dempsey continues to struggle with Spurs despite scoring garbage goal. Dempsey pulled early after being the worst player on the pitch.

  8. Man, going to Spurs will be a giant mistake. He’ll never start, score or have the match winner at a place like Old Trafford.

    He should stay where it’s safe and lose to Man City at his club Fulham.

    -People that said the jump was too big/People that are clueless to Dempsey’s heart/competitive nature

  9. Man, Dempsey sure did make a mistake going to Spurs. What with, starting and scoring at Old Trafford in a win for Tottenham.

    That was too big of a jump in club for him. Am I right?

    He should have stayed where it was safe at Fulham. You know, the club that just lost to Man City.

    -Soccer Moms that preach “honoring contracts”

  10. Dempsey really does seem to come up with goals in big games. Once again he put himself in the right place at the right time.

    On another note, he played more as a defensive midfielder today for most of the game today. I can only think this was what he was assigned to do before the game; Tottenham really do have a lot of offensive talent.

    P.S. Not just a game winner vs Man U, but a game winner vs Man U at Old Trafford!!!!

  11. “work defensively but was relatively quiet offensively. Dempsey did a lot of hustling on defense to help stymie United’s stacked attack but it was not until he found the back of the net in the 52nd minute that his impact was really felt.”

    Let’s just call a spade a spade–Dempsey was pretty bad the rest of the game, bordering on awful. He could not play at Spurs’ speed and consistently turned the ball over. Twitter was lightening up most of the match and “quiet offensively” was definitely not what people had to say.

    Beckerman gets hammered on here for a bad game–why is it any different for Deuce? If he hadn’t gotten that rebound goal we’d be saying what the Tottenham fans were saying all game across social media–why is Deuce on the field?

  12. As a Spurs fan, I’m excited Dempsey is off the mark. I’m not sure if this will help Dempsey go “on a tear.” He’s played well during every Spurs appearance I’ve seen, the ball just fell for him this time, a lot through his own making – finding space and being in a threatening position when Bale made his run.

    As far as Spurs as a whole goes, I’m impressed and I’m unimpressed at the same time. Winning at Old Trafford is an impressive achievement for any visiting team, and in the first half, Spurs looked absolutely dominant. Then halftime happened, Rooney came on, and in the second half United played on another level entirely. On the balance of the entire game, I would say both teams could feel they deserved to win.

  13. Dempsey’s greatest gift– his sense of positioning. He has a great feel for being in the right place at the right time. Way to score, CD2…


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