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Kick TV: Jimmy Conrad in Mexico City (and a Clint Mathis sighting)



  1. This gives new meaning to “more boots on the ground…”

    Great way to spread peace, love, and joy for sport and sure the good old US of A.

    No problem with that.

    For the $100k or less that it took to put this together – they got over $1,000,000 in publicity and good will.

    you could do 10 of these for the price of 1 smart bomb.

  2. Yep. It’s been said that the Mexican fans that live in the U.S. are worse than the Mexican fans in Mexico with regards to the rivalry.

  3. It’s about creating goodwill, planting seeds, spreading the love, the wealth, showing the world that we care.
    Good job Jimmy and Clint, awesome!
    El monumental estadio Azteca is a buzz and a half – what a great way to inspire a bunch of kids living on rice and beans and tortillas.
    Yeah! Ole!

  4. I was waiting for the bags of urine and cups of vomit to be thrown down on Jimmy. Just kidding! This was a nice event. Just wish Mexican fans in the USA were this nice to US National team players.


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