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SBI Men’s College Soccer Top 25 (Sept. 25th)

LouisvilleNotreDame (Louisville)

Photo courtesy of University of Louisville

The University of Louisville didn't get off to the best start to the season, but the Big East power is slowly rounding into form and looking more like a team to avoid as the college season gets rolling.

The Cardinals were one of four teams to play their way into the Top 25 this week. Their win against previously undefeated Notre Dame, last week's No. 2 ranked team in the SBI Men's College Soccer Top 25, earned Ken Lolla's side a place in the national rankings.

Notre Dame was one of three previously unbeaten and untied teams to see their perfect records ruined last week. Old Dominion and UC-Riverside fell from the ranks of the unbeaten, leaving Marquette, High Point and Cornell as the lone remaining teams in Division ! with perfect records.

The biggest mover in this week's rankings is Saint Louis, which jumped from unranked to No. 19 after a 3-1 handling of Creighton. That win, coupled with an early-season victory against Louisville, earned the Billikens a boost up the rankings.

Here is the new SBI Men's College Soccer Top 25:

SBI Men's College Soccer Top 25

1. (1)- MARYLAND (7-0-1)

2. (3)- UCONN  (7-0-1)

3. (6)- GEORGETOWN (8-0-1)

4. (4)- UCSB (6-0-2)

5. (2)- NOTRE DAME (7-1)

6. (7)- NORTH CAROLINA (5-1-1)

7. (8)- AKRON (5-1-2)

8. (9)- NEW MEXICO (7-1)

9. (10)- MARQUETTE (8-0)

10. (11)- UCLA (5-1-2)

11. (5). OLD DOMINION (6-1)

12. (15)- INDIANA (6-1-1)

13. (17)- NORTHWESTERN (6-0-2)

14. (18)- XAVIER (6-0-2)

15. (20)- FURMAN (7-1-1)

16. (13)- ST. JOHN’S (5-1-3)

17. (12)- CHARLOTTE (5-1-2)

18. (22)- COASTAL CAROLINA (6-1-2)

19. (NR)- SAINT LOUIS (5-2)

20. (14)- CREIGHTON (5-2-1)

21. (25) PENN STATE (6-1-1)

22. (NR) LOUISVILLE (5-3)

23. (23)- WEST VIRGINIA (5-2-1)


T25. (NR) HIGH POINT (8-0)

T25. (24)- SOUTH FLORIDA (5-2-1)


HONORABLE MENTION– North Carolina State (6-3), Dayton (6-2), UC-Riverside (7-1), Cornell (7-0), Virginia (4-3-1), UAB (5-2-2), Wake Forest (4-1-3), Elon (5-2), Brown (7-1), Monmouth (5-2-1), SMU (5-2-2), CSU-Bakersfield (3-1-4), Niagara (6-0-3), George Mason (7-1).


  1. I wouldn’t be shocked if he did, purely from a talent standpoint–his hold-up play is really strong, and obviously his finishing abilities are outstanding. I still might give him another year though before he’s really ready.

  2. I appreciate you standing behind your rankings, of course, but I’d like to walk down their respective schedules and group them by “terrible” and “okay” teams played, since neither has played a good squad.

    Terrible: De Paul, Drake, UIC, UW-GB
    Okay: Mich, Mich St, Western Illinois, UWM

    Terrible: St Joes, Binghamton, Buffalo, Hartwick
    Okay: Wofford, Lafayette, Loyola Marymount, CS Fullerton

    I respect that Michigan and MSU are big names from big conferences, but they are both awful this year. It could even be argued that Cornell has played a tougher schedule because of their extra away game… this is not to support the idea that Cornell should be in the Top 25, but rather that it’s almost indefensible to put Marquette so high and ignore Cornell when their goal differential before tonight was an identical +15.

    Marquette’s schedule will obviously be much harder down the stretch… and I’d bet a lot of money that Cornell will have a better regular season record on that basis (…I’d bet that Marquette would win on a neutral field, too), but they haven’t done anything so far to warrant such high praise given their comparables.

    As far as High Point… I don’t even know about them. To their credit they are CRUSHING teams, even though they’re playing scraps. They remind me of Coastal Carolina last year? Except probably not as good.

  3. You’re kind of comparing apples and oranges, in my opinion. I completely agree that strong academy teams are how we are going to advance soccer in the US. But the NextGen series is for academy teams (U-19) which would put it much more in line with US high school age kids (HS Junior through Frosh year of college).

    That’s the difference in thought process that we have to overcome though, right? By the time a solid pro player is of college age, he should be signing a pro contract to play in the U-23 side and then reserves.

    The college system should almost be an afterthought – a “league” where those not of pro quality or otherwise late bloomers can get an education and keep playing a sport they love…

  4. In reply to SBI, how do you defend Marquette? Same issue…

    (SBI-Not the same issue at all. The caliber of teams Marquette has beaten is higher than the caliber of teams both High Point and Cornell have beaten. They haven’t hit the meat of their schedule, but their opponents thus far are a higher level of opponent. You can feel free to disagree but that’s how I see it. Ultimately Marquette will wind up playing a significantly tougher schedule than either High Point or Cornell, but both those teams do have some matches that should tell us just how seriously we should take them.

    College rankings are as subjective as they come given the variation in opponents and conferences, but I’ll stand by my rankings over the rest of the rankings out there. Not saying they’re perfect, but considering some of the rankings I’ve seen out there I’ll stand by mine.)

  5. Interesting similarity of these schools to those that would be competing in March Madness. Would make for an interesting economics paper…

  6. Does your son play for UNCA? They are definitely a weaker than average D1 program. Perhaps you confused them with UNC-Greensboro, (typically) one of the better teams in the SoCon, which High Point also beat.

  7. I’ve seen Allen play many times for Red Bull Academy. He’s an amazing finisher, led the nation in scoring for U-18s. Do you see him going pro after this year?

  8. As Georgetown’s men’s soccer beat writer, I can definitely attest to the quality this team has, especially with Allen up top. Should be interesting to see how far they can go.

  9. Considering they’re undefeated, gotta have Cornell in the top 25

    (SBI-Their schedule is ridiculously weak. I seriously tried to justify putting them in the Top 25, but simply being unbeaten having played a bunch of cupcakes just didn’t do it for me. High Point’s schedule is tougher so they were able to make it, but Cornell needs to beat some better opponents to break through in my book.)


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