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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

BradGuzanVilla (Getty)

Brad Guzan and Aston Villa have gotten off to a poor start to the season, and things don't figure to get any easier today as they take on surprising West Bromwich Albion.

The Baggies have started the season 3-1-1 and will be favored against a Villa side coming off a blowout loss to Southampton. Guzan will need to turn in an outstanding performance today if the Villans are going to deliver their home fans a victory.

In Spain, Real Madrid takes on Deportivo La Coruna knowing that anything less than a victory could cripple their chances of staying within range of unbeaten Barcelona. Currently 11 points behind the leaders, Real Madrid will be expected to put on a show at the Bernabeu.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


6:30am-– AZ Alkmaar vs. RKC Waalwijk

6:30am- RAI– Udinese vs. Genoa

9am- beIN Sport– Lazio vs. Siena

9am- RAI– Sampdoria vs. Napoli

9:30am- GolTV– Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Freiburg

10:30am-– VVV Venlo vs. PSV Eindhoven

11am- Fox Soccer Channel– Aston Villa vs. West Bromwich Albion

11am- beIN Sport– Saint Etienne vs. Reims

11:30am- GolTV– Wolfsburg vs. Mainz 05

1pm- Univision– UNAM Pumas vs. Puebla

1:50pm- beIN Sport– Real Madrid vs. Deportivo La Coruna

2:45pm- RAI– Inter Milan vs. Fiorentina

3pm- Univision Deportes– Olympique Lyon vs. Bordeaux

3:30pm- beIN Sport en Espanol– Espanyol vs. Atletico Madrid

7pm- Galavision– Colorado Rapids vs. Los Angeles Galaxy


  1. True, Lahm can play each position (so can Fabian Johnson, Eric Lichaj and what’s his face at Nurnberg), but Lahm’s preferred position is right back and that is where he is best and where he is now playing full time for both club and country. That said, I will say that I would have never responded to Adrian’s initial post had he not called beachbum for no reason at all a “tool.” I am all for open discussion and controversial opinions about the game of soccer, but the attack for no reason at all which took it to a personal level kind of irked me and so I made the mistake of jumping in and compounded that by calling Adrian a “dozo.” Was wrong of me and I apologize.

  2. I will never write off potential USMNT players that are performing well enough to be in the picture. Lichaj has had his chance, and Klinsmann is not calling him in at the moment. Johannsson has 11 goals in 11 games and is leading scorer in the league, which earns some respect.

    Did I miss something? Is Lichaj the best left-back in England?

  3. I’m not at all angry, and I would love Lichaj to earn a spot at AV and the USMNT. I’m always rooting for American players, to achieve their best. There’s no need to overstate your point, which is clearly your thing on this site.

    Yes, we need to drop the claims that Klinsmann has the wrong approach to Lichaj at the moment. It is premature. He simply hasn’t impressed some of us. Most importantly, he hasn’t impressed Klinsmann.

  4. If he isn’t healthy he won’t play. Based on how the season has gone so far, if he is healthy he will play.

    It’s a long season and there will be a lot of games. It’s not like the NFL where every game is life and death.

  5. Childish, silly argument.

    Lahm is equally adept at right or left back and you could make an argument that if he were American he would have his choice of either side.

  6. Roma’s twitter account was congratulating Mikey on the birth of his first child, so it may have been that.

    Zenan ripped his midfield for essentially not hustling and not be willing to get in a tackle after the beatdown from Juve yesterday. Two things that you can count on Bradley for. I think Bradley will be back in.

  7. “I’d like to see Lichay given the chance considering our player pool to be a part of that bench, behind both Fabian and Dolo”

    Lichaj has that chance. All he has to do is win a regular job with Villa.

    Is that too much to ask?

    Right now he isn’t playing well enough to get playing time. So why reward him?

    He’s not Donovan or Deuce or MB90 all of whom have played for the USMNT even when they did not have significant club PT. They have already earned the benefit of the doubt. Lichaj has not. Yes BB played him a lot but that was then and this is now.

  8. Anyone know why didn’t Bradley get into the game for Roma yesterday? Is he still recovering from injury?

    I’m starting to worry that he’s not going to see enough of the field. If he can’t crack the starting lineup consistently, I’m afraid leaving Chievo is going to end up being a negative for him.

  9. d – i’m sure you have a ton of experience playing at high levels based on your comments. you probably coach at a big club somewhere and are off today because yall had a game yesterday. oh wizard of football, keep enlightening us, please

  10. No, Adrian, ol’ chap. I didn’t get owned. You are simply digging yourself into a deeper whole. You are so far behind the times. Live in the present. The story you quote is dated June 7. I assure that Low has restored Philipp Lahm to right back and that is where he played in the World Cup qualifiers earlier this month and also where he has been playing all season long for FC Bayern. I will repeat, very slowly for you. Riiiiigggghhhht baaaacccckkk. Got it? good.

  11. What exactly am I wrong about? What have I said that was incorrect? By the way, your snide remarks aren’t becoming. Saying things like “I’m right. You’re wrong.” comes across as incredibly childish.

  12. Philip Lahm plays left back far more than right back. In fact, he just played left back at Euro 2012. But congratulations looking like an idiot.

    “The Bayern full-back started his career on the right hand side of the defence, but was soon moved to the left after a two-year loan spell with Stuttgart. He has spent much of his time with Bayern on the left…”

    “Germany coach Joachim Low has now decided his captain will be restored to the position he has filled almost exclusively since gaining his first Germany cap in 2004.”

    “It has been decided that I will play left,” said Lahm during a press conference at Germany’s base in Gdansk. “I have discussed it with the coach and he sees me better on the left.”

    So kiss my *ss biff, you got owned.

  13. As someone who is by no means a “Lichaj geek,” this is one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever read on this site. First, what’s with the attitude? Why are you insulting a bunch of strangers over the Internet? Especially when, presumably, we’re all rooting for the same thing (the success of US soccer and American soccer players). Second, Lichaj didn’t “lose his spot” – it was never his spot to lose. He was filling in as an emergency LB while Bennett got up to speed. It was never even a competition, Villa bought Bennett this summer to be their LB – end of. Third, “get over him?” Yes, we should all write off one of the most promising defenders in the US system. Forget about him. Never mention his name again. Did Lichaj beat you up as a kid or something? Why so angry?

  14. they did say that; solid in defense, but his crossing wasn’t very good. a good performance, but he would really need to develop that skill if he wants to start there for the NATs. Still good to have versatile players like Geoff who can play multiple positions.

  15. Jozy’s 22.

    This kid will play for Iceland. Do not worry. we have enough talent for qualifying. By the WC, Jozy, Boyd, Gomez and another striker will be up for the task

  16. Oh Adrian, don’t put words in my mouth. I never said Lichay should replace Fabian.

    LB is a position of need because what happens when Fabian takes a knock and can’t play smarty pants? Need to develop that bench.

    and yes, I’d like to see Lichay given the chance considering our player pool to be a part of that bench, behind both Fabian and Dolo

  17. This Johannsson kid in Denmark has scored again, 11 in 11 games.

    There were papers linking him to Arsenal in the week, which his agent denied, but he is a FA next summer and a move somewhere this winter is very possible.

    Hope Klinsy and staff are bending his ear at every opportunity. He may not end up being a player, but I’ll certainy take another option at striker (especially considering he’s only 21.)

  18. Left back is not a position of need–you tool.

    In fact, left back is our most solid position. Johnson isn’t leaving that position, end of story.

    Lichaj can’t even secure a spot on a bottom of the table EPL squad and you want to bring into the national team to replace arguably the best Bundesliga left back behind Lahm?


  19. Lichaj was not benched because of the “hammering” at Southampton. Villa bought Bennett in August to be their LB. He was always going to supplant Lichaj once he was match-fit. Hardly surprising, seeing as how, you know, LB is not Lichaj’s position.

  20. you are wrong again. that’s your thing obviously

    IF you could read clearly you’d know that what many here want is for him to get a look on the Nats from Klinsmann at a position of need on that team you tool, not that he’s the second coming of Maldini

  21. Most people aren’t saying he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ. We would just like to see him brought in because if he were to succeed at, say, the left back position, it could open up a guy like Fabian Johnson to play in midfield.

    That’s what I think at least. I would bring him in solely for that and really not worry too much about his club situation. Maybe that would make me a bad coach, but if the gamble works out, who cares?

  22. Haha. This.

    This is what I think everytime someone on here thinks they know more than the coaches about players. Licha cannot even keep a starting spot for more than a couple games and people are just clamoring for him like he’s Wayne Rooney.

  23. Lichaj benched for Bennet after that hammering at the hands of Southampton.

    But, but, but… so many SBI commentators told me he was awesome and Klinsmann didn’t know what he was doing and Lichaj was going to transform the USMNT!

  24. I did not see Stoke play yesterday, but game reports said that Geoff Cameron played right back and did a good job in that position, was pushing forward down the wing. If this is correct and he would continue at right back for Stoke, that would open up a lot of possibilities for the USMNT.

  25. Jozy hasn’t scored in 10months with the Nats but he’s scored like 15 goals with his club since then. Coincidence.

    I’m sure he will turn up the heat next month

  26. why must AZ always play so early on sundays?

    Jozy has a ton of goals so far but how many assists this season. MUst be like 2 or 3. The complete striker he has become


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