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Sounders to let fans vote to keep or replace GM

AdianHanauer (Getty)

If you have ever wished you could vote to have the person who runs your favorite sports team fired, or kept, the Seattle Sounders are making that dream come true for their fans.

Sounders season-ticket holders and members of The Alliance, the club's official member assocation, will take part in an online vote to either retain general manger Adrian Hanauer (pictured on the left), or to replace him. The vote will take place from Oct. 7th to Dec. 7th.

The practice is patterned after the model of some European clubs, like FC Barcelona, which allow club members to vote on the position of club president.

What do you think of this move? Like the idea of letting fans vote? Would you vote to fire the people who currently run your favorite club?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. No. You’re allowed multiple votes on your account if you have registered someone else with the club. I split my season tickets with a friend, and he is eligible to vote.

  2. Why is that an “ugh”? I’m a STH, and I don’t want some idiot who goes to two matches a year and doesn’t know the name of the coach voting for the GM. They are giving the vote to those who have committed themselves to the team by buying those STH packages or becoming voting members of the Alliance.

    Also, you can vote both online and in person at CenturyLink Field.

  3. No one expects fans to know more than GMs. Fans need only be concerned with the success of the club. By any reasonable measure, Seattle is a successful organization, from wins to attendance to fan enthusiasm and loyalty.

    The vote will be a formality this time around, but maybe it won’t be in four years. It’s nice to have the option.

  4. I think I recall they brought in some Swedish guy who used time be an underwear model, hmmm what’s his name? Oh yeah, Failburg or something. So yes they have tried, but failed. Also other Big name DPs have been approached they don’t want to play on your plastic pitch. Great organization and fans. It’s too bad you have to ruin it with a tire retread field

  5. Thank God it is only open to Sounder’s fans.

    One guy literally called this a farce ? wow.

    On a side note, the Sounders will not include “the big friendly” in the season ticket package. You have been able to opt out for a while, and they probably have one still, but with more leverage when negotiating with other teams.

    They have done many things correctly, Adrian is the reason


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