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Backe refutes Swedish report claiming he said he’s done coaching Red Bulls

Hans Backe has a matter of weeks left on his New York Red Bulls coaching contract, but he isn’t quite ready to walk away just yet.

Just a day after a Swedish media report quoted him as saying he was leaving the Red Bulls after the 2012 season, Backe shot down the report, suggesting to his comments were misrepresented.

“Don’t trust them too much,” Backe said when asked about the Swedish report. He also insisted that a decision on his future with the Red Bulls has yet to be made.

So what to make of this? It doesn’t change much other than letting us know that Backe still has hope of returning next season. Unfortunately for him, he remains a lame-duck coach who wasn’t even offered an extension heading into the final year of his contract. His comments suggest he is open to staying in New York beyond 2012, but barring an MLS Cup victory, it seems fairly inevitable that Red Bull director of global soccer Gerard Houllier will hire his own man to run the Red Bulls in 2013.


  1. win MLS cup and walk away and then let rafa be the assistant coach and TT the head coach. But seriously, I had RB taking it this year and now its between SKC and Galaxy. By the way Cosmos might hire Bruno Giordano as head coach. I never saw Bruno in action but his coaching record makes me think WTF……… in that case bring Maradona for Cosmos of Nasl


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