Polls soon to open in Seattle as Hanauer/GM vote looms

Polls soon to open in Seattle as Hanauer/GM vote looms

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Polls soon to open in Seattle as Hanauer/GM vote looms




Seattle Sounders Alliance members are just a few days away from putting democracy in sport into action when voting opens whether to retain general manager Adrian Hanauer.

Yes, Sounders fans have major stake in the fate of Hanauer, who is less focused on stumping for fan support than on seeing the team earn a higher seed in the MLS playoffs. Beginning Sunday through early December, eligible voters will decide if Hanauer, a minority owner who was named the club's first GM before it became an MLS franchise, will stay or go.

It's a unique situation and something just not seen in American sports. Even the New York Times is paying attention.

Hanauer should to be in a favorable position to keep his job. The Sounders will make their fourth consecutive playoff appearance in four seasons of existence and the team is a huge hit in Seattle and one of the model franchises of MLS. The team has won three U.S. Open Cups and have shattered attendance records. Hanauer has also made some shrewd player moves, including a couple that didn't go over so well with the fans.

Letting go of young fan favorites Lamar Neagle and Mike Fucito irked plenty of Sounders faithful, but the play and producion of Eddie Johnson, who was brought in to bolster the attack, has atoned for that move in at least some fans' minds.

On the flip side, Seattle has never advanced out of the conference semifinals. Some may view the team's inability to win a playoff series a reflection of Hanauer and ther front office. 

How do you think the vote will play out? Is GM still in the cards for the poker-playing Hanauer, or not? 

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