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SBI College Soccer Top 25 (Oct. 30th Edition)

And then there was one.

Maryland heads into the final week of the regular season sporting the only unbeaten record in the nation, and while they had some trouble with Clemson last week, the Terps still earned the draw that helped them clinch the ACC regular season title. That was enough to keep the Terrapins atop the SBI College Soccer Top 25.

There were some major moves made in this week’s rankings, with Louisville continuing its strong climb up the list to No. 14. No team enjoyed as much of a boost as VCU. Ranked No. 25 a week ago, the Rams catapulted to No. 15 on the strength of their 4-1 rout of previously unbeaten Xavier.

Only one new team joined the Top 25 this week. Elon jumped into the rankings after beating Wake Forest for their latest impressive win of the season. The Phoenix already boasted victories against Charlotte and Furman.

Here is how the SBI College Soccer Top 25 shakes out this week:


(last week’s rank in parentheses)

1. (1)- MARYLAND (14-0-2)

2. (2)- AKRON (13-1-2)

3. (4)- NORTH CAROLINA (13-2-1)

4. (3)- UCONN  (14-2-1)

5. (7)- NOTRE DAME (13-3-1)

6. (6)- GEORGETOWN (15-2-1)

7. (9)- COASTAL CAROLINA (15-1-2)

8. (5)- MARQUETTE (14-2-1)

9. (10)- UCLA (11-2-2)

10. (12)- NEW MEXICO (14-3)

11. (16)- CHARLOTTE (12-2-3)

12. (8)- XAVIER (11-1-4)

13. (11)- SAINT LOUIS (12-4)

14. (19)- LOUISVILLE (12-4-1)

15. (25)- VCU (12-2-4)

16. (13). OLD DOMINION (10-3-2)

17. (14)- INDIANA (11-4-2)

18. (18)- BROWN (12-1-2)

19. (21)- CREIGHTON (12-3-2)

20. (22)- ST. JOHN’S (10-3-4)

21. (23)- FURMAN (12-3-3)

22. (NR)- ELON (12-4-1) 

23. (24)- WAKE FOREST (9-2-4)

24. (20)- WASHINGTON (11-4-3)

25. (15)- NORTHWESTERN (10-4-3)


HONORABLE MENTION– Penn State (9-4-3), Cornell (13-1), SMU (10-3-3), Kentucky (9-6-1), SIU-Edwardsville (12-5), Cal-State Northridge (12-5), Syracuse (12-5), Villanova (11-5-2), Tulsa (10-5-1), Niagara (11-1-4).


What do you think of this week’s rankings? Which ranked team do you think should be dropped from the Top 25? Which team isn’t in the Top 25 that you think should be on the list?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Elon’s win over Charlotte was early in the season I believe so I wouldn’t be surprised if Charlotte was a little low or Elon is a little highly ranked. Elon beat Furman in ET on a very iffy penalty call.

  2. So much talent on that VCU team. Only have seen them play once – early in the season. They warm up better than about any college team I have every seen! Wouldn’t want to face them early on in the NCAAs.

    • Agreed. I have this terror that Maryland’s play-in game will be UMBC @ VCU. What a wreck of a first round matchup that’d be for a top 4 seed.

  3. I don’t know why Terps gets auto-corrected to Terms so often… so I won’t blame that on you.

    If the Terps start finishing their chances like they did in the first half of the season, there’s only one question for that entire team: can Keith hold up? Although they’ve had no dominant score-lines since late September, they are constantly crushing opponents in terms of shots, chances, possession, everywhere, all over the field (except at GK). Kind of hard to watch them draw a team like Clemson, beat Lehigh late, sneak past Colgate when they’re outshooting teams two, three, four, six to one. It’s like the USMNT in the most recent round of qualifying… they’re supposed to start going in eventually, but you just hate to watch it continue because it only needs to happen once going forward to ruin your season. I guess it’s true for everybody, though.

    Anyway, think you’re low on Washington and Indiana, high on Xavier and Furman (?); the honorable mentions are stacked with good but not great teams. I like it.


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