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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Robbie Keane


  1. This is where I’m at with Keane as well … I want to like the guy, but he either makes such ridiculous celebration of himself or makes such a show of his displeasure with his teammates that I always end up thinking he’s more than a bit of an a**.

  2. If he werent such a crybaby when his team isnt passing the ball to him, if he didnt celebrate this goal like some overpaid NFL wide receiver who just did his job but celebrated like he cured cancer to benefit all of humanity, if he didnt pretty much say “everyone look at me and how great I am” then maybe I would have noticed the skill involved in scoring this goal.

  3. Then Keane and LA spent the rest of the game admiring themselves and patting themselves on the back while RSL won the game. The Galaxy are sad.


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