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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Ryan Johnson


  1. I’m very fond of McCarty, but to me this goal is on him. He went to double team a runner down the right hand side opening up the massive space in front of the center backs. He realized his mistake and tried to run back but it was too late.

  2. Nice goal but im more impressed when a player dribbles around a few players and scores rather than a long distance shot. Also its typical mls to allow so much open space.

  3. Interesting. That was speculative, lucky shot against a rookie goalie seeing his first MLS shot (who clearly didn’t have his position set). I think that for every one of these “MUST SEE” long-range blasts, SBI should post the 33 other wasted efforts that sail into the upper deck or drift 30 feet wide.

    Henry’s shot was sublime. A full-speed one-touch chip of the keeper? Never seen anything like that.


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