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Studio 90: USMNT Ready for Guatemala challenge

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  1. Am I the only one whose productivity has been shot all day today, waiting on this game? 2013 will be a mess, and (assuming we make it) 2014 even worse!

    • Or trying to catch with his mouth whatever Deuce is feeding him. “Here. Have you heard of skittles in Germany? They’re delicious!”

  2. what’s the chances of Gooch being called in for qualifying next year?
    He was a starter at Sporting Lisbon until Feb when injuries set him back 2 months. He’s now on the bench at Malaga but they’re in so many competitions and losing badly that you just have to bet he makes an appearance by November?

    we have Boca, Cameron, Goodson for sure. Ream, Gonzalez. Gooch should definitely be in for competition if only for DEPTH

  3. ROFL the dude almost got hit.

    O/T but what are the chances that JK builds the NT around Michael Bradley? Like say after the next WC or what? When Clint and Landon retire?

  4. I’m so done with Klinsmann… two of his four multi-goal games (out of 19 total) are against 90k population bottom of the US third division Antigua and Barbuda… and we haven’t been able to keep a clean sheet in either game… all for 5x the salary we paid Bob Bradley.

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