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Tuesday MLS Kickoff: DeLaGarza sidelined, Ballouchy out for season, and more

  AJ DelaGarza (

If the Los Angeles Galaxy are going to finish the remainder of the MLS season with a strong run, they will have to do so without starting defender A.J. DeLaGarza.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Monday evening that De La Garza will likely miss the remainder of the regular season with a sprained knee ligament in his left knee. DeLaGarza suffered the injury during the Galaxy's 1-1 draw vs. Colorado on Sunday.

DeLaGarza underwent an MRI on Monday and while the news could have been much worse for him and the Galaxy, his absence from the final three games of the regular season mean the Galaxy will have to take on the three toughest teams in the Western Conference with rookie Tommy Meyer expected to step in and start in his place.

DeLaGarza had started 30 of the Galaxy's 31 matches this season.

Here are some more stories to get your Tuesday going:


The San Jose Earthquakes have enjoyed a dream season in 2012, but they received some bad news on Monday when it was revealed that midfielder Mehdi Ballouchy will miss the remainder of the season with a torn left ACL.

Ballouchy suffered the injury during the Earthquakes 3-3 draw vs. FC Dallas on Saturday. The injury came on a non-contact play, when Ballouchy planted his left leg awkwardly and twisted his knee.

Acquired on July 30th from the New York Red Bulls, Ballouchy had worked his way into the Earthquakes starting lineup, starting in four straight matches at the time of the injury.


The mayor of the Boston suburb of Revere, Mass. is working on ambitious plan to purchase an abandoned dog racing track in order to build a casino resort that would include a new soccer stadium for the New England Revolution.

The Boston Globe reported on the plan on Monday, revealing that a potential Revs stadium is being considered as a centerpiece aspect of a $1 billion gambling resort.

"(Revere) has to be right in the wheelhouse in terms of soccer fans,ā€ Revere mayor Dan Rizzo told the Boston Globe. ā€œIā€™d love to see a full-blown professional soccer team here.ā€

The site is located on the border of East Boston and Revere.


What do you think of these developments? See the Galaxy finishing strongly without DeLaGarza? Like the idea of a Revolution stadium closer to Boston?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Kraft’s in no hurry to do anything. It’s still a possibility, but, with no big push, nothing is going to happen for a while (especially since state funding would have to be involved).

  2. By the way the team should rebrand asap when they get their new sss. They need new colors,new name,new crest. In another story new york cosmos have decided to play at hosftra for their nasl season but only made one year agreement with the school due to future plan and mls has copy right empire fc and city fc. Interesting news, hopefully the northeast can become like the northwest and I would love mls to have in every corner of the US, a 4 to 5 team rivalry like the northwest and northeast. For example the southwest, southeast and even midwest includingthe rocky mountains.

  3. what happen to the somerville location because I remember reading the study had postive news and it was a great location. I also remember reading a story about a person from the boston area who wrote a whole piece about rebranding the team to boston & new england. He even had the colors,the sponsor, the design of crest, as a matter of fact du nord had the link. Its an amazing piece and should be used.

  4. I myself don’t see any need to rename the team, I like the name, and I don’t think it’s any part of the problem. If you’re referring to them going to Sporting, or using FC, SC, United, Rovers, etc, I’m not one who likes the idea that we should copy other countries’ naming conventions because it’s soccer, and soccer is a “foreign” sport, which is how that idea always strikes me.

  5. Well, good luck Revs fans and thanks for the responses. I feel like the right stadium would revitalize your team and fan base and could make it look like the Pacific Northwest outthere.

    One more question: if you moved into a stdium in the metro area, what about renaming the team? Worked well for Kansas City.

  6. Yep. Cue the complaints from everyone living west of Boston or south of Boston (the current stadium is way south) about how impossible it is to get there. But the good part is that Boston has a great transit system that knits together a huge area. Bottom line: good news for resients of Boston and bordering towns, bad news for those from the Route 128 ‘burbs and exurbs.

  7. Just not that easy a place to drive to. And while people point out that it is near a subway stop, it’s only a single line, and I believe it’s actually the last stop on that line, so it’s not like people would be able to go there, or leave, in 2 directions.
    We need a stadium, but I’d rather not pick a place in a crap location, that nobody would want to go to. As a bird flies, I live much much closer to this location than to Foxboro, only 2 towns over, but I’d rather drive to Foxboro. The ideal would be to find a place with subway access, that’s on route 93, the main highway that goes through the city (yes, I know there’s rte 90 as well, but I don’t think there are any good spots available to that highway).

  8. It can’t be worse than Foxboro, right? That’s like 30 miles outside of Boston. The urban core is exactly where a soccer (or any other) stadium should be.

  9. Pros: its on the t’s blue line (15 min from downtown), a lot of brazilians, italiAns and other immigrant neighbors, most of all its realistic

    Cons: it pretty far away from anyone not coming from downtown or imediatly north of the city. Very congested area and not the greatest side of town either.

    Could be the new england version of red bull arena


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