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Adu, Okugo, M. Farfan to go on European training stints

Three more Philadelphia Union players will enter the 2013 MLS season with some fresh European seasoning.

In an effort to further prepare for next year, forward Freddy Adu, midfielder Michael Farfan and defender Amobi Okugo will all travel abroad for offseason training stints. Adu will spend two weeks with Turkish powerhouse Galatasaray, while Okugo and Farfan are set to practice with German club SC Freiburg. Okugo trained with Freiburg last December.

The Union trio join three of their teammates in becoming players who have already gone or will go on European training stints this offseason. Goalkeeper Zac MacMath spent time with Everton, Cristhian Hernandez was with Real Sociedad and Jimmy McLaughlin is currently training with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

What do you think of Adu, Okugo and Farfan going on training stints abroad? Prefer they stay in the U.S. and rest? Hoping more players land training stints in Europe this offseason?

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  1. Adu is a lot like Beckham in that he needs quality players around him to thrive.. What would Beckham be without Keane, Landon, Juninho, and Buddle? He doesn’t defend all that well, but give him the ball and magic happens.

  2. I have to agree. Training with Gala would seem to suggest it may be more than just training. MLS players go and train with German, English, and Spanish teams because MLS has a good rapport with those leagues. Wouldn’t be surprised if Gala tries to buy him. Hackworth doesn’t want Adu, and Adu’s skills are better suited for a team like Gala not Hackworths carnation of the Union. Hell Rayo Vallecano wanted Adu last year, but they didn’t have the funds to buy him.

  3. Adu needs to be in a either la, ny, or seattle if he stays in MLS, where he can link with ppl who can actually put the ball into the back of the net

    • Sure it would be great to see him play with any of those teams but all the other talent and star power would hold him back. He needs to find himself at a club where he would be a headliner with some strong supporting stikers. I’d like to see him in either Chicago or Houston.

      • I think he would be a great fit in Seattle. The support from the fans would be great from him and he would do well.
        As a Galaxy fan, I could possibly see him coming here but it’s unlikely. You never know though. I’m thinking at least 5 current starters won’t be back next year.

  4. The more training stints the better for young players. It never hurts to be exposed to different styles, cultures, and players. Adu heading to Turkey doesn’t surprise me. He seemed to enjoy his time there and a club like Gala is great to train. M. Farfan and Okugo will benefit from their German adventure as well. Okugo has a relationship with Frieburg and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him impress and even earn a formal trial. He seems taylormade for the Bundesliga.

  5. i like these training stints. It’s great experience for the players, and never really ever just 100% training and 0% trial. If a team really see’s something they like it opens lots of future opportunities.

  6. Interesting that Adu is going to Turkey for training considering his loan spell with Rizespor where he was quite good. You have to wonder if Gala is checking him out.

      • Why is that? Because he isn’t the league’s leading scorer? That’s not his game. Adu is a midfielder with vision and touch. He does things that no one else can do, even on our National team. Klinsman owes him a shot. He had a good season. Was it GREAT? Not by a lot of accounts but look at the lack of talent around him. I had hoped NYRD had got him. His creativity, vision and touch from the midfield, with the talent of Henry and the like around him – and NYRB wins the cup.

      • Have to agree.

        The fact that there are videos on YouTube of all the beautiful chances he created that weren’t put away is testament to that.

      • He didn’t have a good season. You can’t just evaluate someone by watching highlight clips. I’m one of the biggest Adu fans and bought his jersey upon acquisition, but Freddy never hustled or looked like he wanted to be there except during the first half of a red bulls game that he got ejected from.

        Do I agree he wasn’t used effectively? Without a doubt. But to say he had a good season simply isn’t true and I think a transfer elsewhere would help everyone involved.

      • I thought Freddy Adu did fine. I don’t see him as an ultimate goal scorer. He’s definitely gifted and any team should be glad to have him. Philly just doesn’t know how to utilize him with the surrounding players that they have. I wanted him to come to Houston but I already knew he wouldn’t be a good fit as he doesn’t have the defensive hustle that Boniek Garcia brings and that’s the type of player that Dom Kinnear wants.

        Adu still needs to step his game up if he wants to get in good with Klinnsman. He either needs to add more weapons to his game such as defending better or add more offensive methods to his attributes and score more goals cause right now he’s kinda in the middle. He creates tons of space and opportunity but Philly needs more. I bet he could really help Seattle as Freddy Montero is starving for service during the playoffs LOL!

      • Speak for yourself. This fan wants him. But yes, he does come off as the unpopular kid at lunchtime with the rest of this classmates… I mean teammates.

      • Of course Galatasaray are interested in him. Adu could have went to train anywhere, but chose them for a reason. Why would anyone go there unless there is an incentive (transfer and $$$) ? If it was purely for training and learning to be with the best, wouldn’t anyone shoot for the top, e.g., Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Chelsea ?

      • It’s a training stint.

        If they wanted him, they would’ve picked him up after his stint in the Turkish 2nd division.

        I suppose Shea’s training stint at Arsenal last year meant they were interested in him……or not.

      • He was a dominant player in the second division. Players at that level get looks from big clubs, especially if they’re still young. From Galatasaray’s perspective, Freddy’s a 23-year-old with a Benfica and Monaco pedigree, who showed at Rizespor that he’s able to adjust to the style of play in the Turkish league system.

      • Given the pedigree of the players they buy, it’s doubtful they would look to the 2nd division for players that could make an impact with the Gala first team.

        23 year olds are only “young” in American soccer circles, not so much in Europe.

        Besides, most people outside of American Soccer see Adu’s time at Monaco and Benfica and failures.

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