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Boyd scores 10th of season in Vienna win

Terrence Boyd’s first professional season continues to go as well as he had hoped, as the 21-year-old striker scored his latest goal for Rapid Vienna on Saturday.

Fresh off a substitute appearance in the U.S. Men’s National Team’s 2-2 draw with Russia on Wednesday, Boyd capped the scoring in Vienna’s 3-0 win over SV Mattersburg with a finish in the 37th minute. The goal was Boyd’s seventh in the Austrian Bundesliga and 10th across all competitions. He is currently the team’s leading scorer in league play, and fifth amongst Bundesliga leaders.

Unfortunately for Boyd, he was later given his fifth yellow card of the season later in the match. The yellow card means he will be forced to sit out Rapid Vienna’s next match against FC Admira due to yellow card accumulation.

What do you think of Boyd scoring again? Impressed with how he is doing at Rapid Vienna? How many goals do you see him ending up with this season? Concerned at all about the amount of yellow cards he has picked up?

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  1. Question for the SBI kingdom….

    Does anyone know of a team that has successfully played with two “target-forwards” up top?

    I ask out of ignorance…..

    • Short answer: no.

      Longer answer:

      By definition the target forward is the guy you look for in the final third to either hold up the ball waiting for help, pass the ball to teamates in better positions or take the pass and score from it.

      In theory being a “target man” is not so much confined to one guy as it is a role that that could played be any of your guys who are in in the other team’s half and I’ve seen that happen. That does mean that typically you only need one person at a time doing it.

      However, most of the time, it is the big guy in the big(McBride)/little ( Donovan) combo typically found in a 4-4-2, or the lone guy up ( Ruud Van Nistelrooy) top in a 1-5-4 or any of its myriad variations.

    • Newcastle plays well with both Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse up top. Generally one of them goes on a tear of good form while the other supports and does a lot of hard work until their positions switch.

    • The San Jose Earthquakes played what was essentially two target forwards when Yallop played both Gordon and Lenhart up top and had Wondo and the wingers running off of them

  2. What if we had Charlie “stanky leg” Davies and Boyd up top that would be pretty cool. Boyd is looking really good right now, I hope he keeps it so he can play in qualifying and the Gold Cup next. Jozy wasn’t very good today I’ve heard, but he’s still having a solid season thus far with like 9 goals in 13 games, I’m sure he’ll have a better game next week.

  3. I had no idea Boyd was doing so well, thought he had more like four or five so far. Hope he keeps it up and keeps improving!

    Sorry, you guys can go back to bashing Jozy now.

    • Altidore and ANYONE would do wonders for Jozy’s game and the fact that we would have 1 less Defensive Holding Mid in the field lol but I think Boyd and Altidore could do some damage…..I hope we see them at some point even if one of them comes in as a sub to see that pairing….

      • Ehh, one bad game (if it really was that bad) really shouldn’t be a measuring stick. When is that last time we had two strikers (of such a young age) with double digit goal totals this early in the season?

        I’m glad we have both of them in the player pool.

    • i believe EJ is only 28….that’s not hardly old to be playing the game of football at any position. In a world cup year that would put him at 31 at the most, which again is not old…smh

    • He_Han, Miroslav Klose was still scoring goals for Germany and he is in his thirties. Diego Forlan was probably the best forward in the 2010 World Cup for Uruguay. These players are definently world class and still provide quality to their teams. If Johnson and Gomez were in form I’d call them up anytime, besides Bob Bradley played Robbie Findley and Altidore over Gomez and Buddle who were both in form in the lead up to the Worl Cup two years ago, scoring goals like crazy (Buddle had a brace in a game against Australia right before our first tournament match) and they were on the bench. Veterans can still outperform younger players, besides what many may believe.

      • Anyone Who compares Eddie Johnson to Miroslav Klose and Diego Forlan Should be shot. Those 2 players are 100 times more talented than Eddie.

    • JK was 33-34 when he played in the 1998 World Cup and scored three goals. Now our guys are not as talented as our manager was but there are plenty of 30-35 year olds who have played in World Cups who also were not as talented as JK. Gio Von Bronckhorst was Reyna’s teamate at Rangers and he was Holland’s left back in the 2010 final at the age of 35.

      It’s a seven game tournament (if you make the final) so it’s really just of matter of being in the right form at the right time and being a bit lucky. Experience counts for a lot in these tournaments.


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