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Brazil not holding talks with Guardiola over coaching vacancy

If Pep Guardiola is to return to the sidelines some time in the near future, it apparently will not be with the Brazilian national team.

Guardiola is not in the running to take over as head coach of Brazil after the Selecao fired former manager Mano Menezes last Friday. Guardiola, who has taken a break from soccer since the end of last season, had been strongly linked to coaching the 2014 World Cup hosts but the Brazilian federation said he is not under consideration because he is not Brazilian.

“I see it very difficult that the new coach is a foreigner,” said Brazil federation president Jose Maria Marin. “I have the utmost respect for (Pep) Guardiola, but Brazil won five World Cups with Brazilian coaches.”

Marin added that Brazil’s new coach would be appointed in January 2013.

What do you think of Brazil not considering Guardiola? Disagree with their notion that they have to hire a Brazilian coach? Who do you see Brazil appointing in January?

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  1. too bad, i bet he would have been great there but I understand the need for a Brazilian coach, especially with the the up coming world cup being in Brazil..

    Pep is just going to have to wait for del Bosque to retire. Would the Spanish FA allow a Catalan to be head coach? Id say now is the time.

    • Inaki Saez is as Basque a name as I’ve ever heard and they’ve got even more ongoing political struggle with the Spanish state. Has there been any formal or informal ban on Catalan coached in recent years?

    • Javier Clemente is Basque. He had certainly took a lot of Basque players. Spanish FA seemed Ok with him for both an Olympics and World Cup. At the time, the Basque issue may have been more prickly than the Catalonia issue since they had an armed faction fighting for independence.

  2. They won’t offer the job to a non-Brazilian. In there eyes, Brazil plays a special kind of football that only a Brazilian could understand. They don’t just want results they want to play like Brazilians play, with flair and excitement.

    • ya also they need to be in touch with the domestic league and up and coming players… same reason that European coaches haven’t dominated MLS and/or taken over the USSF (Jurgen is at least half German-American by now)…

  3. shhh, no one tell Joe Mary Marin that more World Cups have not been won with Brazilian coaches than won…. otherwise, he may never hire a Brazilian again…

    • ^that’s a pretty dumb stat.

      These nations are the fathers of recent football federations going with national pride in selecting managers based on them being born in the country.

      Argentina, Brazil always have their managers from their country.

      1. Spain – Vicente del Bosque, Luis Aragonés, Iñaki Sáez
      2. Germany – Joachim Löw, Jürgen Klinsmann, Rudi Völler
      3. Argentina – Alejandro Sabella, Diego Maradona Sergio Batista,
      4. Portugal – Paulo Bento, Luiz Felipe Scolari (brazil), Agostinho Oliveira
      5. Italy – Cesare Prandelli, Marcello Lippi, Roberto Donadoni
      6. England – we’ve seen how they have done
      7. Netherlands – Louis van Gaal, Bert van Marwijk, Marco van Basten

      need i say more….

      all in all Pep had zero chance of becoming the manager of brazil, even if he said he would take a drastic pay cut.

      • what are you saying exactly? Selecting on National Pride instead of the best qualified person, is a recipe for success? Good luck in life, if that is what you believe- you won’t succeed in this country

        It does not even delve into whether Pep is most qualified-that’s a separate argument, he totally may not be… but I don’t advocate supporting decisions for stupid reasons, such as where the person was born-the goal is to Win the World Cup and whoever is best suited to lead the team there should get the job….

        feel free to disagree, but Donadoni, Maradona, Van Gaal, Voller, Menezes were certainly not successes as managers and were fired from the job, yet you listed them for some reason

      • I mean to be fair it may not be stupid nationalist pride, it could be that some countries take ‘national team’ very literally and just as one would not want a German on the Brazilian team they may feel manager should be no differnet.

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