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Chelsea hire Benitez as interim manager

Just hours after firing Champions League-winning manager Roberto DiMatteo, Chelsea has found his replacement.

Chelsea ha appointed former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez to be the club’s new manager. His official title is interim manager, though given the club’s track record of firing manager that title seems a bit redundant.

Chelsea released the following statement on the Benitez appointment:

The owner and the Board believe that in Benitez we have a manager with significant experience at the highest level of football, who can come in and immediately help deliver our objectives.

What do you think of Chelsea’s hiring of Benitez? Think he can survive beyond 300 days? See him being a flop or a success?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I have no idea why European-based supporters on other websites are seeing this as a good signing but that appears to be the overall consensus from various blogs and messageboards.

    A bit hyperbolic but I think he’s garbage on a number of levels.

  2. Worst decision ever, what are they thinking, he truly is garbage. Do they think that Torres automatically is going to get better and start scoring? Bruce Arena would do a better job if given the opportunity. I am done with Chelsea!

  3. Wow. What a terrible decision. I don’t credit Benitez for Torres being successful those years (I assume that’s what they’re going because nothing else makes sense). I credit these guys named “Gerrard” and “Xabi Alonso” who were possibly the deadliest they’ve ever been the season Liverpool made a run at the Premier League title. Selling Alonso was the worst decision Liverpool ever made (but I’m a Toffees supporter so LOVED IT!). Liverpool is in it’s current condition because of Benitez (almost in the top half…almost). I look forward to Rafa whining about Man U again. Fact Rafa!

  4. Lol, his tactics do not fit this side at all. This is great news for all teams that want to break into the top four. Unless he manages to get the best out of Torres somehow

    • I agree with tactics. But consider his player picking skills. He had a deal for Juan Mata at 17 mil before he got fired. He brought Suso plus numerous Liverpool prospects. To me he’s the worse tactician but the best player selector.

      YNWA. Huge Liverpool fan btw.

  5. I’m pretty sure Alex Ferguson had periods where Man U fell from the top of the table or didn’t qualify for UCL knock out rounds. He has the greatest record of any modern manager. You can’t build a club with this kind of volatility.

    Go Spurs!

    • Chelsea have won more trophies with Roman as a owner than Manchester United have with Ferguson at the same time(and I am a Manchester United fan). They don’t need manager stability only thing that needs to be consistent is Roman’s money.

  6. So this is what is known as the ‘West Brom’ effect. Once a manager loses to West Brom, AVB and McCarthy last year, there was another but I forget who, they get fired. So RDiM is the fist this year but owners may have to re-think this strategy, with West Brom doing so well the bar may be too high. Perhaps they should revert to a Aston Villa effect, obviously the QPR effect would mean all managers would be safe so there would be no effect.

    I’m just saying that’s a lot of new managers…

  7. Well, at least he’s had success with Torres. How much money must he have been offered to take this job? Why would anyone want a job where you will be fired if you sneeze incorrectly.

    • I think Chelsea might be the best job in Europe.
      – You get to live and work in London
      – You get to be one of the highest paid managers in the World.
      – You have an unlimited budget to work with.
      – If you have success your reputation would be greatly enhanced.
      – If you don’t it won’t be affected since everyone would just blame Roman
      – Once you get fired you get a gigantic buyout.

  8. He will drown like all the other managers at “Stupidsea”, and yes all future managers should be hired on a interim bases at this club.

  9. So a manager who has had disputes with every owner he has ever worked under is hired by an owner with the itchiest trigger finger out there.


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