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MLS Playoffs: Galaxy vs. Sounders (Match Night Commentary)

Following their first playoff series victory in franchise victory, Seattle now has the daunting task of taking on the defending MLS Cup champions in the LA Galaxy. They travel to Home Depot Center for the first leg on Sunday night (9 PM EST, ESPN), where they have struggled throughout their franchise’s history, having only scored one goal in four years.

However, Seattle will look to continue reversing the trends that have doomed them this playoffs, after advancing past Real Salt Lake in the conference semi-finals last week. They will hope to bring forward a much more vaunted offensive attack, after tallying only one goal in the two matches against Real Salt Lake. That offense will rely on Eddie Johnson coming off the bench again, as he continues to deal with an injury.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy come into Sunday night having knocked off Supporters’ Shield winning San Jose, defeating the Earthquakes 3-1 on the road on Wednesday night. Robbie Keane led the attack, as he continues to make his mark for the Galaxy in the second half of the season. Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena has even gone on to say that Keane has been the best player in the league during that second half.

But this is an offense that has struggled against Seattle this season, having scored just one goal in three matches this year. Conceding six goals in those three matches did not help the stat sheet, either. Positive news for Los Angeles will be that they feature a much stronger starting lineup than they did in the opening playoff match against San Jose last week, as they will hope to take advantage of the home field tonight.


SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s match, so please feel free to follow along with the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


  1. I think it’s sad that ESPN doesn’t have anything on their main webpage about the game that just happens to be showing on there main channel. Really makes me think they don’t care that much to promote the game or MLS

    • ESPN is a businees and they’re going to promote the sports that get the most following, at least in this country. The NFL and NBA are big money makers. Believe or not some soccer fans in this nation do not know MLS exist, and the others who do either support the league or look down upon it and “solely” favor Euro teams. That said, it’s dissappointing when MLS isn’t covered as much as it could or should be (especially when its on ESPN’s main network).

      • True they are going to promote the money makers but it makes no sense to not have a single thing about the game on their website. I mean they would have at least something mentioning that a WNBA playoff game was going on, and I doubt that is a moneymaker, so I find it hard to believe they couldn’t have some small link or whatever on that entire huge webpage of theirs. How do they expect to get more viewers????

  2. hope LD is ok for the second leg. he an Keane have perfected the movement up front, it’s easy on the eyes to watch. LD played some great half-touch soccer tonight.

  3. So looks like a LA – Houston final is looming. I feel like they’ve met a lot in the finals. But maybe it was just a couple times. Anyone remember for sure?

  4. Ill say it again- sounders need a new coach, new players for their fans and history. Seattle deserves better and its gonna be dc vs galaxy- its a new era in mls and people need to open their eyes if not mls won’t grow. Rsl could have beaten galaxy but sounders got lucky and my dynamo keep getting lucky but socccer is soccer.

    • Im not so sure. It could have been going wide or onto the post and a Seattle defender was recovering. He HAD to put it home. I think most playrs would have too

  5. Keane complains after everything, becoming even more unlikeable than he previously has been. He goes down easy and then berates officials after every no call, what a joke

  6. I bet Maruffo prays to his Galaxy jersey at home while reading from the MLS scripture “Thou shall not make correct calls that put thee league favorite clubes at risk.”

  7. And there it is AGAIN.

    Franklin with the clear handball in the penalty area and NOTHING called. That was as clear a handball penalty as you’ll see.

    Awful officiating.

    • Houston was a sellout today, RSL sold out Rio Tinto…I know New York had a weak crowd but with the weather and also them dealing with heavy weather storms I’m not surprised for an already weak attendance trend like at RBA….Seattle got their usual 34k+ at Centuray Link, LA sold out the 1st leg vs SJ and so did the Quakes. KC not only sold out but went about 2k worth of extra “standing room” only or whatever kind of tickets past their capacity….LA did have about 15k in the game vs Vancouver but they are limited to 20k capacity in the middle of the week during the College semesters at CSU Dominguez Hills as the University negotiated that when they made a deal with the Galaxy for the land HDC is build on….Chicago like NY I’ll give that was weak….DC sould out most of the seats they open…..they don’t really open the 2nd level of RFK and well RFK is a dump. it’s been a good turnout all in all very close to 20k as for today, give it about 30 minutes and you’ll see a much more filled stadium, although it wouldn’t surprise me if the cold weather keeps some folks at home, LA is a warm weather area what can I say? lol

  8. no rosales, no johnson. seattle going with 5 mids, going to be a defensive shell for them tonight. looks like they are playing to just have a good chance back home.

      • try thefirstrow DOT eu …..

        Just as an FYI…you don’t get access to ESPN3 thru your offices web access? Or I’m guessing maybe it’s blocked off?

        And you are committed for being in the office on a Sunday Night on Veteran’s Day sir!

      • Yeah for some of us (me) who have watch espn on their iPads and computers, almost all of the mls playoff games have been “blocked” for me. I hate it. Doesn’t make any sense. Why provide the service if you’re not gonna let people use it?

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