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MLS Playoffs: Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake (Match Night Commentary)

The Seattle Sounders take on Real Salt Lake tonight in the opening match of their Western Conference playoff semifinal series (10pm, NBC Sports).

The Sounders host the first leg tonight, with the second leg set for Thursday. Seattle will be without Eddie Johnson for tonight’s important match, but RSL will also be missing a key player, with Jamison Olave injured.

SBI will be providing live commentary from the match, including live updates from CenturyLink Field from SBI staff writer Jason Mitchell, so please feel free to follow along here.

As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


  1. So now what seattle sounders fans- ur team with the best Fans and attendance has sucky dps, ur stadium in the fall is ugly bcus of weather and nfl and no matter what sounders need their retractable soccer stadium with grass at least. When was the last time an mls team with fake turf win the mls cup? Seattle needs a beckam signing and a stadium plan. If they make a 50000 livesttrong stadium, it will be the best soccer stadium in the world and sounders would become a powerhouse.

    • Have been saying this for years. They make at least 1 million per home game on ticket sales. Why wouldn’t they want to guild a stadium with that kind of money? It just doesn’t make sense why they don’t build the best stadium north of the rio grande.

      • Please stop saying that. You’ll find almost nobody in Seattle who agrees with you, so it just comes across as ignorant. RBP is a fantastic stadium in the perfect location. We don’t want another stadium.

        Do you hear me, everybody? We don’t want another stadium! We have an excellent team in a beautiful flexibly-sized facility with fantastic support. Why are you complaining on our behalf? You don’t hear it from us… One more time–we don’t want another stadium!

  2. Frustrating game. Good action. Some decent chances. But for an inch here or there, we might have a few goals, but that final touch, final pass, final bit of skill or creativity is also lacking.

  3. Tiffert doesn’t pull out of a challenge and puts his elbow right into Rimando’s face at full speed. Real nasty swelling instantly. Could be a broke nose.

    Seattle fans ARE BOOING Rimando as his eye is swelling shut on the field. PATHETIC FANS.

    • pathetic hater.

      Replays are not shown at the game, guarentee if your team was playing tonight and you were at the game you would be booing as well, thinking it was a time wasting tactic

      • What the hell is wrong with you.

        He clearly got owned in the face and instantly called for the medics in serious pain. Seattle players indicated as much too.

        It’s classless bs.

      • Actually I attend more then a dozen MLS matches a season and have for the past 6 years and when a guy is on the ground with medical staff for more then 3-4 minutes and the ref allows it to continue, its pretty obvious that its a legitimate injury and no we don’t boo the player. Seattle fans have proven they are zealous supporters but not very classy or knowledgeable as a group. They literally boo every single call that goes against there team, regardless of its merit. That also does not happen everywhere else. Its just annoying.

    • You catch more Sounders Fans with honey than vinegar.
      I think Sounders fans were great hosts. They even put special art, writing and lines on the field for RSL. It brought a tear to my eye. Then they did all that clapping and stretching of arms. If I was there I know they would have offered me a 6 dollar coffee. Of course, being a good SL boy I would have turned them down (Mormon) but I would have been so blown away I wouldn’t have noticed them booing one of the greatest players to every play in the MLS.

      • JRP, how come every one of your posts just cry with ignorance and idiocy…Frankly you’re a complete bore.

      • Drivers Suck you are one of the most insightful fans on this site. There is so much to be gleaned from your inspirational post slamming JRP. Your very name informs me of my world. You’re right about cars and I can do without trips to distant mountains, visits to far away friends and lumber runs to home depot. Thank you Drivers Suck.

      • All I “glean” from your “insight” is your inane ability to not be able to read or decifer the difference between d-i-v-e-r-s and d-R-i-v-e-r-s. But feel free to continue with your insight. A good laugh does wonders for the soul….

      • agreed with divers suck, JRP is beyond annoying…

        I dont know whats worse. the sounders fans who think they are God’s gift and bloat about everything or EVERYONE else who insist on GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY to hate on everything that is Sounders.

        Jealous much?

      • and before the incessant haters retort and say seattle hasnt won anything and hasnt earned anything.

        all i say is. playoffs every year so far, blowing attendance OUT OF THE WATER, great marketing for the league due to atmosphere, numerous champions league attendance, 3 us open cup championships.

        no we havnt won a MLS cup or Supporters Shield yet but its a pretty damn good start

    • aparrently due to wet conditions they needed to have the lines on because they wouldnt be dry by sunday…

      to me its BS. watch the seahawks on sunday, they will have hash marks and yardline numbers. I mean there isnt even a goal line right now. they will have them all by sunday, which makes me ask, why did they need to put the ugly thick sidelines down before tonights game when they hardly put anything else up

    • Don’t hate on Seattle’s field. It is like talking about your mother in law with your wife. It is a lose, lose situation.
      I thought the paintings on the plastic looked lovely. Very wide white stripes and ocean chickens. Words infront of the goal advertising another sport. And another league. I am grateful for all of this and think Seattle should never build a soccer stadium. The way the ball bounced (skipped) on the wet plastic all night was how the game was meant to be played.

      • I live near Seattle and you are right about the sounders having their own park. All major teams deserve a fancy stadium. Even Seattles phantom NBA team gets one (recently announced). But the sounders get to share.

  4. Shame they have to play with the nfl logos on the field…it’s the playoffs…..that said, i watched a monterrey game a couple weeks ago and they had football lines on their field too……soccer/futbol gets no respect

    • A “pitch” FIFA has rated as unsuitable for professional play. I think Seattle should be fined a large sum every year they play with subpar turf and have that money distributed into an injured players fund. Your eyes weren’t the only victim that night and there’s a reason no Premier/La Liga team is brought there to play without putting down grass over the top, and a reason the USMNT doesn’t come there to play.

      Embarrassment to MLS.


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