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Must-See Goal: Liran Cohen



  1. he definitely meant to do that as any sane player would have done if they saw a GK literally standing next to the far post on a free kick from 30 yards out. Awful keeping.

  2. The most amazing thing about this video to me is that someone still wears Copas. Looks more like a miss hit cross to me, and that keeper isn’t exactly going to be winning awards for that display.

    • Watch his mechanics: where he plants his non shooting foot and what surface of the foot hits the ball. It was a shot, and it worked out exactly the way he dreamed it would. Getting that power, dip, and swerve right was lucky in the end, but he did plan to try for goal, based on how he approached and hit the ball. I do agree that the GK was cheating towards the far post, as he didnt expect Cohen to go for it, much less for a shot to sneak into the near post from that distance.


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