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Red Bulls cut ties with four players


A week to the day of their epic playoff ouster against D.C. United, the Red Bulls have capped off the firing of Hans Backe and the arrival of Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh with the offseason’s first four player cuts.

According to The Star-Ledger, New York have decided not to renew the contracts of long-time midfielders Jan Gunnar Solli and Teemu Tainio along with newcomers Bill Gaudette and Jose Angulo. Sources confirmed the moves to SBI on Thursday afternoon.

Solli, 31, was a favorite of former coach Hans Backe.  Known for his work rate, versatility and his love of DJing, the Norwegian midfielder quickly became a staple to the lineup and a fan favorite.  This season, the emergence of Connor Lade and the absence of Dane Richards relegated Solli and his skill set to the bench.

Teemu Tainio, who will turn 33 by months end, suffered through an injury plagued year.  In fact, his career itself was in question by the coaching staff and organization for the better part of the season due to a severe knee tendon tear.  Limited to all of 14 appearances, Tainio featured heavily in the run up to the Red Bulls postseason.  Though effective, he clearly looked a step slower in his return.

Bill Gaudette, 31, became the odd man out in a three man field of capable goalkeepers.  The solid play and lockerroom presence of Luis Robles along with the impressive half-season put in by the injured Ryan Meara created a foreseeable glut between the sticks. Gaudette, the veteran amongst this trio and a journeyman of the U.S. soccer pyramid, did well to stabilize the team during a mid-year rut but injuries prevented him from staking full claim to the starting position.

Finally, though affordable and a local product, Jose Angulo, 24, never managed to crack the lineup for New York and was deemed expendable as well.

A source close to the situation tells SBI these are “the first of a major overhaul of the team” this offseason.  Who else will be in the firing line?  Did these players deserve to see the door first? Share your thoughts below.


  1. With Backe gone, Luke Rodgers won’t be coming back, and I wonder whether Lindpere will join Taino and Solli in the “Departing Backe Favorites” group. Marquez’ lack of enthusiasm and professionalism have been evident since he joined the club, and they should do everything they can to move him out of here – his leaving would also give RBNY financial flexibility and the ability to add another international star, hopefully one who doesn’t behave in Marquez’ disgraceful manner. Le Toux hasn’t really had a chance to show what he can do, but given his contract situation and their other needs, I’d be surprised to see him back. Miller MUST go. Terrible player. So they’ll need to significantly strengthen the outside defense, add some attacking depth to go with Henry and Cooper – thank Backe for dumping Aguedelo, too – and fill in the midfield and center defense if some of these other moves come to fruition. Going to be a busy offseason.

  2. You New York fans do realise that you have two of the greatest players of the premier league in your side, Henry and Cahill. You should be thanking your lucky stars they decided to play in the league and represent the team and city and football in the US.

  3. Juan Aqudelo, or however you spell his name, is going on the train with Celtic FC. As a Houston fan I kinda like the NY Redbulls on paper but they just haven’t jelled as a team. I’m not a fan of Kenny Cooper but he is effective, especially with the service that Henry brings. Thierry Henry is such a complete player, great finisher, great passer, and awesome all around player. NY is lucky to have him. I’m still on the fence regarding Tim Cahill. Also, I flat out don’t like Dax McCarty but he does give bite to the midfield for NY and they do perform better with him on the pitch. Rafa Marquez is a good player, when playing and not fouling or doing some other retarded stunt. If he would just play the game, he could truly offer something unique for NY. Sebastian LeToux is a good player, he just needs a team to love him and that nose of his. He looks heart broken having been traded by the Union kinda like when Montreal Impact stole Brian Ching. LeToux needs to go back to the Union now that Peter Nowack is gone, he would be a Hero for them. Lastly, even though Kaka signed with his club he can still be loaned out to an MLS team, namely the Houston Dynamo! That would be a huge signing and Houston would be incredible with him running the pitch with Brad Davis, Boniek Garcia, and Ricardo Clark commanding the midfield. Go Dynamo! Let’s make it happen!

  4. Bring back Bob Bradley after he gets dismissed from Egypt, you can say what you want about “bunker Bob” but he is a great MLS coach

  5. KAKA is not coming to MLS before 2014. People should be aware of that. He is finally back with the Brazilian team, so don’t expect him to come to MLS next season.

  6. No problem with these moves. Need to sign some full-backs, another center-back, a winger or two and generally increase depth wherever possible. Oh, and hire a new coach.

  7. If indeed RedBulls sign Kaka, which is a small, smalllll posibility since they would have to dump Marquez. I would not be surprised to see Cooper or Letoux sent packing for a centerback. Where do I see them going if this happens? Maybe Philly since they lacked finishers last season. Perhaps a letoux or cooper(Which I hope does not happen) swap for soumare. Another guy I see going but would hate to see go is Conde, his lockerroom bust may see him out. The guys I see staying are, Henry, Cahill, Lindpere, Sam, McCarty, Pearce, Holgersson, Lade, Barklage, Meara, Robles, Digao, (Cooper hopefull)….and thats most likely it.

  8. I wonder how the new coach will play, I hope they sign some solid draft picks and foreign international talent to turn things around (see: LA,RSL, Seattle…)

  9. Tainio did well to rehab and come back but he should focus on coaching or other aspects given his injury and age. Solli was good here but I see why they’re cutting him. Gaudette is good enough to be the starting goalie on most teams so I hope he gets that. I wish them all well.

    Dear Atlas, please make Marquez an offer he can’t refuse! Please!!! NYRB don’t need his cash drain and red card antics.

    I don’t want to see Cooper go to another team because he’s awesome but I see the writing on the wall. Let’s hope that moves Cahill forward and the team get a vibrant CAM. Miller should be traded for his own welfare because fans will not forgive that free kick at the end of the DC playoff game.

  10. Marquez: Send him packing
    Miller: Send him packing
    Le Toux: I’m okay keeping him (but would prefer Agudelo still here)
    Cooper: I’m okay keeping him (but would prefer Agudelo still here)

    Solli: Indifferent about him leaving
    Tainio: Okay with him leaving
    Gaudette: Okay with him leaving
    Angulo: Okay with him leaving (didn’t have much reason to care)

    Also, I know Dax McCarty had a good season. But, I’m not convinced it wasn’t an anomaly and I worry about building the club with him being a vital piece.

    • I thought it was a horrrible move by the front office to offload Agudelo. They should have just sent him on loan somewhere. I bet he has a break out year for Chivas next year though.

      • Right. Don’t hold your breath. Best trade of the season by far to offload Agudelo in favor of Heath Pearce, and a cut of Agudelo’s future transfer value, if ever realized. We can wait for Agudelo to have a break-out season for a long time.

    • Cooper is much better and more reliable than Agudelo. Otherwise I agree on Marquez and Miller, and am indifferent on Solli and Angulo. Solli had clearly lost his job, and Barklage makes a better right back. Tainio was a step slow this season, and McCarty had supplanted him. With a midfield of McCarty and Cahill, it’s better to have fast wings than try to shoe-horn Tainio in.

      Gaudette … they maybe should have waited on this call until later in the offseason. But maybe that wasn’t an option for the team, so ok.

      Cooper should be kept, 100%. It would be completely insane to offload the second highest scoring player in the league, who is all heart for this team as well.

      Le Toux could probably use a preseason with the team, and a longer evaluation. He’s a quality player, he just wasn’t able to gel in half a season, which isn’t the first time that’s happened to a mid-season addition.

    • I believe Le Toux’s contract is up. I thought the Richards/Le Toux trade was a swap of players in their final contract year with neither expected to re-sign.

  11. Rafael Marquez is time for him to go back to Mexico(Atlas) let him go already, This is nothing against Mexican player that had come to the MLS, but with the exception of few players, (campos Blanco & Pardo of whom is taking the MLS serious. Marquez has been a joke like Hernandez, Hermosillo, Bravo, Landin & many mores whom came to the league before.

    • I hope so

      They need to go after a brazilian and an ecuadorian player to get more fans. But the problem isnt the players on the NY team. The problem is lack of quality players on the other teams.

      Im not that excited to go see chivas usa, colorado, dallas, toronto, revolution

      • a true fan goes to see his/her team win, or draw, regardless of the opposition. besides, from attendance point of view, it does not appear NYRB fans want to see their tema either.
        a very weak fan you are.
        other venues have a higher turn out to see the NYRB “stars” than NYRB stadium itself.

      • I’m not sure if you were trying to make a point or if you were just…

        Ahh heck. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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