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Report: Galaxy target Kaka as Beckham replacement

With David Beckham set to play his last game for the LA Galaxy on Saturday, and Landon Donovan contemplating retirement, the Galaxy could soon find themselves with two big holes to fill on a roster used to boasting multiple stars.

The Galaxy have already targeted one potential replacement, with Sports Illustrated reporting that the Galaxy want to sign Brazilian star Kaka as a replacement for Beckham.

“We’re well aware of Kaká’s interest in MLS, and we in turn have made it very clear to him that he’s aware of our interest in him,” Tim Leiweke, the president of AEG, which owns the Galaxy, told Sports Illustrated. “We have a great relationship with Real Madrid, and just as we worked through a player with them six years ago [Beckham], I’m absolutely convinced we could find the right deal this time, too.”

Kaka is a player who has been linked to a potential move to the New York Red Bulls, and stated recently that he would like to play in New York one day, but the Red Bulls have never made public any interest in Kaka and they currently still have three Designated Players on their roster.

The Galaxy had been believed to lining up a move for English midfielder Frank Lampard as a replacement for Beckham, but a Kaka move would seem to put the breaks on a bid for the Chelsea star.

What do you think of this development? See the Galaxy landing Kaka? Think LA could wind up with both Kaka and Lampard.

Share your thoughts below.


  1. “we in turn have made it very clear to him that he’s aware of our interest in him,”…

    You realize that this is meaningless gibberish, yes? How do you make it clear to someone that HE is aware of your interest in him?

  2. Honestly, I can not believe how big markets dont get good fancy DPs like galaxy and red bull. Its so easy and their fans will love it. For example fc dallas would be a fun city for a fancy DP. Seattle is missing out, just like chicago and other strong markets. In another hand, what is ronaldinho thinking because he never wants to come to mls.torres would fit in seattle perfectly, drogba in philly, sneijder in chicago, ronaldinho in LA, kaka rb,lampard vancouver. If dallas and houston can’t get none, well attack a high profile mexican or south american. Small markets well they need to do something to like skc, make a gorgeous sss.

  3. In terms of having the torch passed on by Beckham, Fernando Torres or Wesley Sneijder would be the best fits for “new face of the league.” I know most of you think this is too unrealistic but when you break it down.. Both are closing in on 30, have unstable club situations and are on the fringes of their respective national teams (Torres more-so).

    Who ever takes over as “new face of the league,” needs to have it all… World Class skill and 4-5 years of gas left in the tank, good looks for marketing and needs to be brand recognizable to the average-Joe fan, not just the die hards.

    I’m just worried that signing these 32+ year olds ala Ronaldinho, Lampard, guys clearly past their prime (although still fantastic players) will add to the perception that MLS is a place for superstars to retire.

    I think Torres and Sneijder have had enough success on the international level and Champions League level to drum up some interest among the average America sports fan (though not nearly the level of Becks). Especially Torres with everybody jumping on the Spain bandwagon over the past 4 years..

    For me, these guys fit the bill. Sure MLS might have to break the bank to get one of them in, but I think if marketed well enough, Torres or Sneijder could be the “new” Beckham on and off the pitch. Would be a real step up and in the right direction for the league in my opinion.

    • I too would love to see Torres or Sneijder in MLS (of course, one of them on my team).

      Torres especially seems to have some American sports visibility. Ever since the Liverpool days, cable broadcast games that he played in always had the match narrative built around whether he’d score. And the half step he’s lost that handicaps him in the Premiership might not be an issue at MLS level. And personally, so far he’s been scandal-free.

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        So not much different than any other place in this wonderful country.

  4. Kaka owns an apartment in New York, he has repeatedly stated his desire to come to NY, and his brother is already a Red Bulls player (methinks Red Bulls signing Digao demonstrated a huge interest in Kaka). LA is not impossible, of course, it just doesn’t seem like the most probable destination for him if he comes to MLS. The other side is that MLS needs Kaka in NY. Success in NY and for Red Bulls in particular is critical for the league as a whole right now. Apart from being a huge star, he is a perfect fit both on the field (he is exactly what they need in the midfield) and off (should be obvious) for Red Bulls. LA will be fine without a huge global star for a year — Ronaldinho could be a Holiday present this time next year. All of this probably turns on whether Kaka is in Filipao’s plans for 2014. If he is, he’ll stay in Europe or maybe move to a big Brazilian club. If not, then MLS is much more likley. Bottom line though is that he would be a massive addition to the league and I hope he’ll be wearing an MLS shirt soon.

    • The Reason KAKA did not sign with Red Bull last year was not because he would of been left off Brazil 2014. It was not because he wanted to ride the pine at Real. It was because Beckham told him LA Galaxy wanted him. He was told to wait a year or so and his wishes of becoming an American Galaxian would come true……Before you all throw the kitchen sink at me, I’m hallucinating at the moment and have little pigs playing FIFA Soccer (1996 Version) in my loft and I’m about to join them.

  5. While I think Kaka is a fine human being, no way I would invest in him if I were MLS. His body has not held up over the years and I don’t think playing in a physical league would work.

    Some of you assume he will play for Brazil on a consistent basis–I am not so sure. They have many younger, equally skilled guys who can play the CF/CAM role. If they keep him it would probably be for his leadership.

    He should try to move to a lesser team in Spain, maybe Sevilla or Valencia.

  6. I think that his physical sturdiness and slow erosion of his skills makes Beckham a statistical outlier in terms of older DPs. His last couple of MLS years makes it easy to assume that other aging thirty-something Euro stars will be injury-free and will still do the stuff they did five years ago.

    I’m old enough to remember the NASL rest home for old footballers that we used to have. Those Euro guys could get by because the talent level of American players in the early eighties was utter crap.

  7. Why not ronaldinhoa!!!!!! He’s dad past away or someone from his family and he needs a new a life . I would rather get ronaldinho and kaka and have stay with same defense- lampard to red bulll

  8. 8 million for Kaka or 8 million to youth development.

    give me the latter.

    better for the league long term and better for the USMNT

    • And all the revenue Kaka generates for us in ticket sales, jersey sales, Tv time, etc. could be easily reinvested for youth development. He’ll generate over 8 mm in revenue.

    • developers developers developers developers developers
      / Ballmer

      It doesn’t work like that, Kaka gets you media attention and sells tickets. Oh and LA has no problem with youth development. Forgetting about draft picks like Gonzalez, Franklin, DLG, look at their promising young players like McBean and Villareal. And there are tons of others on the way…

  9. This must happen. It would be grand. Then he can work on convincing Neymar to join him while they’re away at Friendlies with nothing else to worry about since they’re already qualified.

  10. I don’t see this happening especially since he is back in Brasil’s plans. KAKA will probably wait until after the 2014 WC to come to MLS.

    • Flights to/from South America might not be so bad, if he’s still playing for Brazil. They don’t have any WC qualifiers to worry about, just friendlies (of which many are held in the US).

    • He’s getting playing time with Brasil while not even playing for Real Madrid.. in MLS he would get playing time so maybe this isn’t that much of a long shot.

      • You know, that is very true. And really, the WC is what, 1 1/2 years away? He could easily set himself up for a half season loan January 2014 to qualify for the team. We’ve seen that before (cough*beckham*cough).

        I just want this to happen so i’m attempting to rationalize how it can happen.

      • I agree, I still think Kaka’s got something in the tank at a high level and he’s not going to use that to play in MLS. As much as I hate to say, MLS is still not able to attract the best players in the world that are still in their prime.

  11. Kaka and Lampard? That would be hysterical. Maybe some other teams will start spending if that happens. But, it definitely seals the deal for making the Galaxy the most loved/hated team in MLS


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