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RSL makes Grossman only player chosen in MLS waiver draft

Real Salt Lake selected former Columbus Crew midfielder Cole Grossman in the MLS Waiver Draft on Monday, making him the only player chosen among the 42 players made available for the draft.

Grossman, 23, played sparingly during his two seasons with the Crew, making 12 appearances since being drafted by Columbus in 2011. The former Duke University standout scored one goal for the Crew during his time there.

The MLS Waiver Draft featured some intriguing options, but all were passed on by the other 18 teams in the league. Veteran foreign players like Gabriel Gomez and Jan Gunnar Solli, as well as some younger players who didn’t quite pan out such as Charlie Renken and Nico Muniz.

What do you think of RSL’s pick-up? Surprised that no other players were taken?

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  1. It is simple. By drafting a player here you have to take their salary. Grossman is making a whopping $44k, so if RSL wanted him they cant get him any cheaper so may as well draft him now.

    • If you’re just a Eurosnob, not really asking, just trying to be an MLS troll… get a life.

      If you’re actually interested…

      Since MLS is single entity, all players’ contracts are owned by the league. So they signed with MLS, though they will play on a specific team. If they are out of contract, or their options are not exercised, but they still want to play in MLS… they go into this draft, and each team has a chance to get them before someone with a better record can sign them.

      Obviously, demand for these players is fairly low, especially with an incoming draft as well as foreign players that can be found in the offseason. And if a team selects someone, they are dropped to the bottom of the list in later waiver drafts. Last year, I don’t think a single player was chosen, so this was not an unexpected outcome.

      The next draft that will be held is the re-entry draft… for those still under contract to MLS, but unwanted by their current teams (at least at their current salary).


      • there is no such thing as a eurosnob. It’s a word used by insecure MLS fans.

        i’m aware that MLS is single entity and that there is no free agency. I hate it. But i’m aware of it.

        I had actually never heard of the waiver draft.

      • It is a word used by insecure MLS fans. It’s also used by secure MLS fans, and certainly is such a thing as a Eurosnob.

      • I coach youth soccer in Ga and all the kids are Euro snobs. I understand that the southeast is football country but I’d like to see the mls make some progress towards building some teams here.

      • The word exists of course and it means something to some people. But it’s use has become so bastardized that its lost meaning.

        to these people, someone who thinks a waiver draft (and drafts in soccer altogether) are silly is considered a “eurosnob”

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