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USA 2, Russia 2: Post-Game Reactions



  1. Some Russian news accounts of the post-match press conference (thank you Google Translate):

    * Considered Klinsmann a perfect diplomat for not commenting on the obscenities (some in English) aimed at the U.S. team as they entered the stadium
    * Remarked on how Klinsmann has never lost to a Russian (USSR or later) team, either as a player or coach
    * Snidely wondered whether the U.S.’ hostile reception in CONCACAF away matches is related to U.S.overseas policy.
    * Rue the lack of precision in the second half, particularly not scoring at the last attempt, but don’t seem too upset at the outcome.

  2. The one thing that is not being addressed is this whole “porn star mustache” fad? (Even Tim Howard was sporting one on the plan ride home).

    Can we get over this like yesterday? Y’all look ridiculous.

    Even porn stars look ridiculous with porn star mustaches!

    • Apparently it’s for “Movember” – some kind of grow-a-moustache for charity deal. Please, find some other way to raise funds!

      • Look it up guys. (assuming you are guys) Movember is just like breast cancer month but for dudes. It is for Mens health (basically Prostate Cancer) and the more awareness the better. Coming from a long family that has bee cursed with Prostate Cancer I hope they sport them all the time!

      • If you think the “porn” mustache is bad, wait till you see the Everton 2013 (I think) Players calendar, which is done for charity. Tim’s 6-pack abs photo has been around before, but it still is something else.

  3. b/c of work, I couldn’t watch until late last night on dvr and was pretty shocked at how WELL we played. Maybe my expectations were lowered by the negative reactions? I really don’t get the negativity about our performance. I usually like Ian Darke but I thought he and Twellman were far, far too negative in their commentary and that tainted everyone’s view. The possession was 51 to 49% on the road against a European team ranked in the top 10 in the world, we were missing Donovan and Dempsey, and playing a 20 year-old at right wing. The only goals we allowed were fluky, stupid, fixable mental errors, and we outscored them in the run of play. This game could have, and possibly should have easily been 2-0 USA. Was Russia the better team? Probably, but, in my opinion, not by nearly as much as most of the commentary I’ve read. The high line was very effective, constantly forcing Russia to back pass to the keeper for a wild, directionless clearance, Gatt looked dangerous, Jozy held it well except for a couple tight touches, MB was awesome, the fullbacks looked pretty good, Agudelo and Boyd looked terrific and I thought even Jermaine Jones had his best game I’ve seen him have in a long time excepting a few JJ being JJ moments. The biggest problems were the final pass or touch in the final third and too much space allowed by the back 5 in the defensive third. Danny Williams was obviously shocking, but all in all, I thought it was pretty well done, and I’m not a huge Klinsi guy. Am I crazy or does anyone else feel the same?

    • TomG, I don’t think you’re crazy (or maybe I am too).

      I agree with pretty much everything you said (and I too watched late last night on DVR). I thought the performance was respectable. I do think Russia was the better team, on the whole, but we were no walk-over.

      I also thought the high-line, high-pressure, was very effective. Very well implemented against a good Russian team. I give JK all the credit for that.

      A couple of other thoughts:

      Chandler needs some time with the other backs. He was often disjointed. I can distinctly remember him leaving a Russian player on-side whereas the entire line had held. Thankfully, it did not turn into a goal.

      Jones is a very good player. I just feel like he thinks he needs to “do more” for this team as opposed to Schalke. When he overdoes it, he runs into problems.

      Oh, and Goodson was awful in the game.

    • I agree.

      Twellman and Darke were very negative and ignoring some good play to focus on the obvious bad.

      Sure it was an uneven performance. But from a team made up of people not altogether comfortable with each other, which means all grades should be higher, except for Williams, he had a seriously rough night.

    • Also a +1.
      Thought the broadcasting crew was terrible. Twellman was borderline idiotic. At about 20 minutes in when Gatt moved to left, switching with Gomez…nothing mentioned. When Gomez went up top switching with Altidore …nothing mentioned for 5 possessions. Should’t Twellman be telling us why they were doing that?

      I also thought Jones had an outstanding game, especially when he moved to the left after Sacha came in. I was amazed at the reports of his poor game. Were we weak in transition…yes at the beginning and Williams 70 yard backpass made me laugh out loud…but we gave a good Russian team fits for more than our share of spells. This was not an Italy or Mexico win on the road by playing bunker, the boys were out to play and the game was interesting…if at times frustrating because of the lack of movement off the wings. But overall kudos to JK for playing this time around, and I’ ve been critical of him

      PS I watched on ESPN3 and they stopped that game a 90+2:53 so I didn’t’ get the last goal in the game! Come on ESPN! You do the play by play from a Studio and you don’t edit the recorded game to show the ending! ridiculous!

  4. Really tired of hearing about resilience and “never say die”. Those are great attributes, but when you are constantly talking about them, it means that you are usually playing from behind. We find ourselves in that situation far too often.

    • “I think Jozy should be made captain. Obviously he’s our best player and JK needs to accommodate him. That’s his job as a manager.”

      -Jozy Fan Club

    • @Jaime Z:

      I would agree with you. He’s mature, obviously skilled and has a quiet confidence I think people feed off of.

      For me, though? His most redeeming quality as a leader is he’s generally the first (if Deuce isn’t already) in someone’s face if a Nat gets into it with an opposing player or is fouled hard. Love that. Although, he has mellowed out more as he’s aged…but he’s still got that fight to him.


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