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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Real Madrid have watched FC Barcelona run away with the early lead in the Spanish First Division, and have seen their own struggles leave them far behind city rival Atletico Madrid.

If Real Madrid wants any hope of catching unbeaten Barcelona, they must knock off an Atletico side enjoying an outstanding first half of the season. Led by Colombian star Falcao, Atletico can extend their own lead on Real Madrid to 11 points with a win.

In England, Tim Howard and Everton travel to the Etihad to take on Manchester City. The Toffees will look to hand the Citizens their first loss of the season, while also boosting their own modest hopes for a Top Four place after slipping to sixth place in recent weeks.

Clint Dempsey returns to Craven Cottage today to face his former club for the first time as Tottenham take on Fulham. Spurs sit in fifth place heading into the day, and will look to beat a Fulham side that is sliding after a promising early start to the season.

As you know, the 2012 MLS Cup Final is also being played later today, so look out for SBI’s own Match Day Commentary covering all the action.

For now, if you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV Schedule is after the jump):


10am- Fox Soccer Channel- Manchester City vs. Everton

10am- Fox Soccer Plus- Arsenal vs. Swansea City

10am- Fulham vs. Tottenham

10am- Liverpool vs. Southampton

10am- Queens Park Rangers vs. Aston Villa

10am- West Bromwich Albion vs. Stoke City

10am- Rotherham vs. Notts County

10am- Sheffield United vs. Port Vale

10am- Crawley Town vs. Chelmsford City

11am- Univision Deportes- Lyon vs. Montpellier

Noon- beIN Sport en Espanol- Valencia vs. Sociedad

12:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Reading vs. Manchester United

12:30pm- GolTV- Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund

2pm- Univision Deportes- Nice vs. Paris St. Germain

2pm- beIN Sport- Barcelona vs. Athletic Bilbao

2:45pm- RAI- Juventus vs. Torino

4pm- beIN Sport- Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid

4:3pm- ESPN/Telefutura- LA Galaxy vs. Houston Dynamo

9:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel- USA Women vs. Ireland


  1. Terrance Boyd with the 1st goal for his team on another start today for Rapid Vienna. They saw the game tied shortly after but went up to 4-1….I saw the 4th goal which was a nice play from Boyd. Trapped a long pass out of the back can’t remember if it was from a goal kick or a defender booting it long but he brought it down with his chest and then made sort of a chip pass for the assist on what ended up being the winning goal because Rapid would allow a 2nd goal and then a very late PK to make interesting in the 91st minute

    • Saw almost all of that game and he was okay. I get the feeling that he is a little uncertain and feeling his way due to little playing time before the recent injuries. He seems tentative at times. He was better today than the previous two games. He didn’t make any real mistakes and went forward with some effect on occasion. At another web site they rated him 3 stars out of 5.

  2. Can anyone suggest a good website for watching some of these games not on TV? Last Wednesday I was trying to watch the Spurs game on First Row which I have used before. When I could get a picture it would crash right away or be covered by some ad. I tried several other sites with no better success and picked up a cookie that kept sending me to some video game site that I could exit only by shutting down my computer. I have Windows 7, a fairly new computer, Real Player and downloaded several other apps that the various sites said I needed. I only got to see maybe 10 minutes of the first half of the game before I gave up. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

    • Do you have McAffee? Or whatever its called…it seems to be protecting me from that cookie problem……im not too familiar w/ free streaming sites, but this one has pop-ups that have to be closed and you might have to close a window or two, but when that done I have been able to watch nearly hastle free (sometimes a window will appear that I need to close or the feed will stop and you just need to hit play again. Also, I think due to volume of viewers on some of the channels offeres, you might have a lag issue, but so far, im watching the 2nd half of the barca game.

      • I always use First Row and haven’t had problems….like Jason said in all sites really sometimes you have some lag but I have watched all of the Barca game today and was watching Boyd’s game in the last 30 minutes….usually First Row just has ads you have to close and maybe wait for the last few seconds of their counter clock thingy to see the boxes to close the ads

  3. …the hell is going on between Reading/United?

    Picked the Bayern/Dortmund match over that. I look up, and they scored 7 goals in a half?!

      • Remember, they started terribly last year and ended up in 3rd. Remember that game against Man U? What was it, 8-1 or something unbelievable like that? I would suggest a little more patience.

      • Seriously and they are at least not in huge debt and have money to make transfers when there are great players to buy. The thing I do think Wenger should think about is to drop Arteta for depth on the bench and start playing more of a 4-4-2 with a 2nd forward to help Giroud and or Podolski….maybe have them up top and play Walcott and OX or Gervinho but a combo of 2 of those 3 on the wings with Wilshire and Cazorla in the middle…..that leaves maybe a bench with Arteta and say Ox as well as maybe Chamahk on the bench…..maybe Ramsey as well….

        Arsenal needs 2 forwards to score more IMHO

  4. the brits don’t like dempsey..never have. 0 credit on defoe’s third, point out every mistake he makes, etc etc… This game just supports Dempsey’s move to Spurs. Totally different level of class between the 2 teams and yeah he isn’t banging them in yet, but he’s getting better by the game, on a top 4 team. Simple.

    • +1 — also the announcers gushed when Berbatov pulled an arrant pass from Sidwell out of the air. No mention when Dempsey did the same on a ball out that he intercepted from Fulham.

    • I imagine Clint’s Texas accent bothers some of them. Yeah, Clint looked good today. His pass to Defoe for the third goal was so sweet, like his pass to Bale last week. You are right, Clint is improving by the week as a player and this is great news for the USMNT.

      • +1. Deuce has always been well respected by British announcers. His reputation took a bit of a hit with the way he left Fulham, but they’ll get over it.

      • Last year when Clint came in 4th for Player of the Year, the Guardian, a major paper, wrote that he deserved to be at least 3rd, ahead of Scholes. So, I think there’s support for your view.

      • Mr Page,

        Regarding that poll where Clint placed fourth; what is really significant about it is there was only one question: “Who had the best season?”.

        None of this 1st, 2nd and 3rd place stuff.

        In other words an awful lot of voters none of them Americans as far as I know, thought Clint had the best season in the EPL last season.

        Anyone who thinks the Brits don’t respect Dempsey has the attention span of a 3 year old.

      • Well there were enough journalists in England who disagreed with you so that Clint placed fourth.

        Just to repeat, that pool where Clint placed fourth? The question was who had the best season? One question. No second best, or third best.

        So a fair number of journalists thought Clint did better than RVP.

        And as far as I know, none of them were biased American fans. If you think that is BS take it up with them. They are there and follow the sport more closely than we do.

      • I have no idea where these people are getting the idea that Dempsey isn’t well respected in England. Even before last season, most English people would say Dempsey is far and away the best American outfield player, ahead of Donovan or anyone else that could be considered in that discussion.

      • But can’t you hear the derision in that remark? To them “the best American player” is like “the smartest guy on the short bus”

      • That says more about you than it does about Clint.

        If there was a list of the 100 most talented players in the EPL Clint is not on it.

        If there was a list of the 100 best players in the EPL Clint is on it.

  5. Wouldn’t it be funny if this mostly blah performance gets them a first clean sheet in a while. I’m still really worried about the state of the defense, though. So many injuries right now. And let’s hope Bale isn’t out for too long.

    • Bale is world-class, no doubt about it. But actually the Spurs have looked more dangerous after he left the game–great assists by Sigurdsson and Dempsey, both to Defoe whose goals were things of beauty. Defoe is so in form right now.

      In any case, great to see Tottenham and Dembele and Dempsey crush Martin Jol. He and his big mouth would have been unbearable had Fulham won. It appeared to me that Dempsey did not celebrate on any of the three goals. Classy from Clint.

    • Spurs have been ruthless in the second half and dempsey has been very lively, couple give aways but overall playing very well in front of his old fans. Super pass to put defoe through on the 3rd.

    • It could very well be that CR9 has more sadness after the derby. Charter hasn’t added BEInSport so bummed I won’t be able to catch it live.

    • I agree Tim, but it seems like so few people get GolTV anymore that it’s tougher to justify including that in the main write-up. Becomes a bit of a tease.

      • I’m really disappointed you didn’t mention Universitario, especially as I am going to be living about 4 miles from their stadium. 😉

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