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Balotelli joins AC Milan for €20 Million


AC Milan have agreed on a fee with Manchester City for 22-year-old striker Mario Balotelli.

Pending a medical on Wednesday, Balotelli will sign a four-and-a-half year contract with Milan that will keep him at the San Siro until 2017.

The deal, thought to be in the region of €20m, will reunite the eccentric Italian with Serie A less than three years after his transfer from Inter Milan to Manchester City in August of 2011.

The out-of-favor striker has netted just three times in all competitions for Manchester City this season.


  1. But didn’t the always honest and highly respectable politician and owner Silvio B say he would never sign a person like Balotelli? What a shock that he would go back on his word.

    The 2 of them would seem to have been made for each other.

    • And I think Mancini was saying a few weeks back that Balotelli and he would get past the fight, they weren’t selling, etc. Amazing that, a purchase consummated with an unwilling buyer and seller.

      • I can only think that the new front office guys from Barca influenced this, because Mancini and Al Mubarak (the chairman) both love(d) Mario like he was family or something. I can’t believe it, honestly.

  2. He’s very young and skilled, but I can’t believe anyone would pay so much for this guy. He may well prove me wrong, but I don’t see him ever getting his act together and fully utilizing his talent.

      • I think the fee is going to be paid in installments over 5 years (read that somewhere today). Also, Milan have shed a lot of their aging stars with big contracts, but they’ve said all along they were looking to invest in a younger generation. I, along with most ppl I think, took that as a rationalization for dumping all the salary because they were that strapped financially. Apparently their word meant more than we gave them credit for because, when a young Italian star became available, they splashed the cash to make it happen.

      • Man City won the title with him playing. I’d say more, “loose cannon,” than pure liability. He cuts both ways.

      • +1000. Mario played a HUGE part in last years title winning season…so many people don’t seem to remember that. And then he carried the goal scoring load of Italy in the Euros, going all the way to the final relying immensely on him up front. I’m honestly shocked that City let him go…the new higher ups that came in from Barca must have really not been fans of Mario’s, because Mancini and the chairman Al Mubarak both loved him.

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