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Reports: DeGuzman signs with Mallorca (UPDATED)


Canadian midfielder Julian DeGuzman considered coming back to MLS to spend more time with FC Dallas, but it appears he could not pass up another chance of playing in the Spanish Premier League.

DeGuzman has signed a deal with La Liga side Mallorca. The former Toronto FC designated player, who enjoyed a renaissance with FC Dallas in the second half of 2012, ultimately proved too expensive for Dallas to bring back.

(UPDATED– A source close to DeGuzman tells SBI that DeGuzman has yet to sign a deal with Mallorca as of Tuesday morning. We will keep you posted on any changes.)

DeGuzman endured a disappointing tenure in MLS, where his storybook return to his hometown team, Toronto FC, didn’t quite play out as many had hoped. He never did establish himself as a force for TFC, which made his multi-million dollar salary all the more disappointing a fact.

He finally parted ways with TFC via trade to FC Dallas, where he enjoyed a career renaissance, play his best soccer in years and helping Dallas make a late run at the playoffs.

With DeGuzman likely gone, and Daniel Hernandez retired, FC Dallas finds themselves in dire need of defensive midfield depth with just two months to go before the 2013 season. Peter Luccin was signed in the off-season, but Dallas is likely to try and address that need in the 2013 MLS Draft.

What do you think of this development? Still hoping he winds up with FC Dallas? Think he can still have an impact in La Liga?

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  1. @2tone

    Mallorca has no money, they are not alowed to buy anny players, so the sings a player for free, and ddguzman knows the La Liga

    sorry for my bad english

    • Funny but also partly right.

      DeG was a destroyer when he was in La Liga. He was a defensive minded player and did the job rather well. The press’ qualms with him had to to with the little offensive and technical knowhow he had.

      So he comes to MLS, gets paid a buttload of money from his hometown team but since you dont pay millions for defensive players in the MLS, Toronto decides to use him as a creator in midfield.

      Why would you thinkthat a guy who spent a decade doing the anti-football job could swithc 180degrees and become an offensive power that could dissect teams wtih his passing and vision?
      Two reasons: he has a big contract and the MLS is inferior to La Liga so a defensive player there could be an offensive superstar here.
      Its like some euro basketball team hiring Dennis Rodman when he was playing to be the PG on their team. Just because its a weaker league, it doesnt mean you can do something you never did before.

      He wont have impact in La Liga simply because he wasnt an impact player when he was there. He was a good useful midfielder with limited skill set that if asked to do a defensive job, was quite good at it. I cant tell you if he can still play in La Liga but I can tell you he wont have an impact now.

      Just for the love of god, dont have him bring the ball up and expect not to pull your hair out like Toronna fans did.


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