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Dempsey discusses his equalizer vs. Man United



  1. Dempsey may score the CL-clinching goal but I can see where he becomes the odd man out when a CL-bound Tottenham feels compelled to spend silly money to bring in alleged World class striker and Attacking midfielder to augment next season’s CL squad.

  2. Maybe not his most valuable goal but his most important thus far,because… The level of play: against no. 1 United, while (still trying to earn a starting role) on 4th place Spurs. The timing: In the last 30 seconds. What it earned: 4 points on the season from United (and, coincidentally, bookended his other goal nicely) and that much better of a chance to qualify for Champions League. In other words more important than the Juve goal (Europa…. its a consolation, though useful) and the Liverpool relegation preventing goal. Maybe not as spectacular and emotion invoking as those.

    • That must not be from right after the goal, it was snowing pretty hard when he scored and those pics are even cooler. Actually, that pic is definitely not his celebration, he was filthy with grass and mud stains by the 93rd. Like a Boss.

    • Oh, yeah, zeygote note, a game winner against Barca. That sums it all up quite nicely. I didn’t realize this, but Dempsey said yesterday that before he scored the game winner last autumn at Old Trafford he had never before scored against Man U. And then yesterday the great goal to steal the points from Sir Alex in Fergie Time was a thrill and a half. But to see Clint score a game winner playing his dream in the Champions League against Barcelona or Bayern or Real Madrid would be, yeah.

  3. If there is one thing we all know about Clint — it’s that he is as streaky as they come. When he’s on his game and goals are flying in, he’s one of the most intriguing, threatening players in the BPL. His career has thrived on being streaky. That’s what we all love (and sometimes hate) about him. The guy just goes on tears and he doesn’t care who the hell is in his way. I love that attitude. He didn’t have the best of games against United but you could sense the hard hard was going to pay off and it did. Clint is a “big gamer” and his teams (club & country) benefit from that.

      • Streaky in the sense that his goals come in bunches. Streaky doesn’t necessarily mean “off his game” beause even a Dempsey that is not scoring can be very effective. But there’s little doubt when he’s at the top of his game, goals are scored.

  4. I can think of another game winner vs Liverpool besides the “survival goal”, plus his equalizer vs Chelsea last year and game winner vs Man U for his first Spurs goal. There’s getting to be a long list of Dempsey goals to discuss. I think his most underrated one is the bomb vs Stoke, not the same stage but every bit as good as the Juve chip.

    • Agreed.

      Time will tell, though. Dempsey has a knack for the dramatics. Maybe he has more up his sleeve…like a “Champions League clinching” goal.

      That would be icing.

    • I remember that one. It was a laser from about 25 yards. If he hadn’t scored that Juve goal, everyone would have been remembering that Stoke goal.

      • You might be thinking of the shot he crushed that hit the crossbar, then the keeper, and was ultimately ruled an OG. I.E., the amazing goal that doesn’t even count as one of his 2011/12 goal tallies. That was against Stoke too. The one I’m thinking of is the huge rainbow off a ball bouncing at knee height from even further out, also against Stoke from several years ago.

        Clint Dempsey… STOKE KILLER!

  5. I’m glad Dempsey finished at the end but I’m sure he was frustrated with the opportunities he had earlier in the game (and the fact de Gea had some great saves). Hopefully going forward he’ll find a way to finish those chances.

  6. so he looks like he will become a Spurs Legend? I know he is signed til summer 2015. Hopefully hr rr-ups til 2017. Help them secure a CL spot and win a domestic trophy.

  7. A well deserved goal for Deuce! It wouldve been a good game for him, even if he didnt score the equalizer. Hew was a menace all night. After his two games vs. United, he should be rising in the Spurs firmament of stars (such as it is). Surprised there was no talk of the snowy/wet conditions, I suppose at this level, they can ignore such inconveniences. Thanks for posting the interview.

    • Despite the bad weather, the (heated) pitch was in pretty good shape. Not to say it’s not hard to play in a snowstorm, but at least the footing was OK.

  8. Unbelieveable! The biggest goal of his professional career !!! (Thus far). How does he do it? Always deliver for his fans, team, country!!

    • Your words, not his. I’d assume his World Cup goals may rank higher. Or his wonder-chip in a huge comeback against Juventus in the last 16 of the Europa League.

    • Important goal for sure, but definitely not his most important. That honor should go to his goal against Liverpool to keep Fulham from being relegated. One goal worth 40M or so. I’d would also put his goal against Juventus ahead of this one. Even this season his game winner at Old Trafford.

      I will say that Deuce comes up big in big games.

      • Yeah, for me, his biggest goal would be the winner he struck for Fulham against Juventus in the Europa League round of 16.

      • Good point about the relegation goal. In that game he came on as a late sub, took the ball from about 30 yards out or so and dribbled through about half of Liverpool, which was a top team then, then scored the winner. They said it was worth about 40 million pounds, not $, so about the same as 60 million dollars. Also, although it wasn’t as important, about 3 years ago when Chelsea was the best team in the league, Dempsey scored a brace and personally tied the Blues 2-2. And then there were the goals against Egypt in the Confed Cup so that the US made it to the knockout round. He manages to come up big when needed.

      • so its

        Goal against Ghana
        goal against Spain
        Goal against England
        goal against Liverpool to save Fulham from relegation
        2goals against Chelsea
        goal against Juventus
        hat trick against Newcastle

      • Game winner at Italy and Confederations Cup goal vs Brazil to go up in the final too (a sick redirection volley at that).

    • Biggest goal for club or country? Hardly. If that howler that Green could not handle didn’t go in against England in the 2010 WC, we lose that game and never get out of group.

    • Hyperbole. It’s nice but he’s scored (a) the goal that tied Ghana in Germany 2006; (b) the goal against Liverpool that saved Fulham from relegation in 2007; (c) the chip that beat Juve in an insane Fulham comeback in Europa League 2010; (d) big goal against Egypt in the 2009 Confed Cup game that got us out of group; (e) goal against Spain in the upset that got us to the Confed Cup final; (f) the infamous Robert Green goal against England at South Africa 2010; (g) the goal to beat Panama in the 2011 Gold Cup semi; and (h) the goal to beat Italy last year.

      I’m sure a significant aspect of any satisfaction is proving AVB wrong in some sort of Clint Mathis watch-pointing way. Chelsea is a mess playing better right now on the road than at home and yet they’re ahead of a pretty strong Spurs side somehow.

      Half the reason Jozy drives me nuts is Dempsey is so clutch that he is wasteful in comparison.

    • As a Fulham supporter, I am saying the goal against Liverpool to keep Fulham in the Prem. Without it, we could have slipped into the abyss ala Reading or Birmingham. Doubt we would have even made it in years later to the Europa League had we been relegated that year.


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