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Holden delighted with Bolton return



  1. I love John Harkes! Wait….Stuart Holden? Oh yea. He sure does sound identical to Harksy. Congrats Stu! It’s been a long road coming back. I can’t wait to see you in that USMNT Waldo jersey soon!

  2. a few comments:

    (1) that is the tamest i’ve ever seen his hair;

    (2) how is it that Friedel’s “british” accent is thicker than stu’s, considering stu spent his first 10 years in scotland and the last few years in england?

    (3) holden for president!

    • Stu can turn on and off accents whenever he wants. He can sound Texan, British, Scottish, Mexican, whatever. He also speaks very good Spanish and French.

    • Some people are just more suggestible than others when it comes to language and accents. It’s not necessarily a deliberate of self-conscious thing. I notice subtle changes in my speech depending on the country I’m in or the people I’m surrounded by. Some people are like that, some people aren’t as much.


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