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VIDEO: Klinsmann looks back at USMNT camp and ahead to Canada friendly



  1. I thought it was interesting to hear him talk about thinking of the team on the field through the perspective of different “pairs” of players who complement each other, like the two forwards or the LB and LM, or the #6 and #10. Knowing that, will be interesting to see how they line up tonight

  2. To be honest, I have had my concerns about the Klinnsman era, mostly that we would be stuck in ‘neutral’ while other teams in CONCACAF rapidly improved.
    However, now that he has established his system, set his expectations, and has had time to work with the entire pool of players, I have bought in.
    It appears as though the young players truly enjoy being pushed by someone who has been to the top of the proverbial mountain and is pushing players on an individual level to build a stronger team.
    While I don’t expect to make the finals in Brazil, I do believe that our country will come out of the Kilnnsman era better off than when we started and set up for continued success under whatever style coach may come after Klinsi.
    From changes in players mindet to a fundamental restructuring of the youth and academy systems I am comfortable moving forward and excited about the potential for a bright future.

  3. This will be a team JK puts together that reflects on JK. We get to see a JK team that totally buys into the system and tactics. It will be nice to see what JK can do with his guys and not so much Bradley’s guys. I expect to see more team disciplined tactical play.

  4. Loved hearing “dont always panick but play it out of the back”. Been waiting for this for years. While this and other comments may have been said privately in past years I am truly glad to hear it out loud.
    You gottack kick somebody out to the the starting job, WOW!! I get the feeling we may be coming of age on the world stage.

    • he can talk all he wants…! All the team has done so far is BARELY make it to the Hexagonal round of qualifying. Time will tell!

  5. Based on Canada’s result against Denmark, I’m not sure tomorrow’s game will serve as an accurate indicator of USMNT development. It’ll be great to see the MLS guys on the pitch again, anyway.

    • Agreed, Honduras away will be a whole different animal compared to this Canada-lite team. Love seeing Klinsmann’s push for excellence from every player. He never allows anyone to rest on their laurels. He brings a different mentality to the US where he keeps striving for something better.

      • “He brings a different mentality to the US where he keeps striving for something better.”

        care to elaborate on those who didn’t strive for better?

        that’s not what he brings that’s different, geez

      • hey, beachbum. I hear what you are saying, but nonetheless I also agree with what the unmistakeable Ronaldinho is saying. Of course, the guys on the USMNT b.k. (the USMNT before Klinsmann) wanted to be better. But at that time better was playing for Fulham or Borussia M’Gladbach or Aston Villa or Everton. Klinsmann, I think, is pushing them hard to aim higher, for the top teams of the world and also, it seems to me, to believe that they can actually win the World Cup in Brazil.

        Klinsmann gave a very interesting interview last week to the WSJ in which he basically lifted the bar even higher, saying playing for a low-level club like Fulham is no big deal and saying the USMNT quarter final finish in WC 2002 is nothing to get excited about. (He also basically told off Landon Donovan publicly, letting Landon know that he (JK) is the boss of the USMNT and will make the decisions.

        And later today, we are going to see mostly Jurgen’s guys, not Bob’s guys.

      • Probably should have been a little more specific in the “striving for better” reference.
        I was referring to the quotes about Dempsey in particular that have been posted. Especially where he said Ok, you’ve done well at Fulham. Now do it in the champions league. Many American fans, myself included, were happy to see Dempsey do great at Fulham and wanted him to stay there where he was really valued and playing well. Klinsmann is all about pushing to the next level no matter what. There is a brief time to pat yourself on the back and say good job, but then you have to try and do better. Never settle for where you are. There is always a next level. I like how he is bringing that attitude to the team.

      • I think that Klinsi brings an honest perspective to the conversation of where we are in the Football hierarchy. Which is painful to take as a diehard US fan but we are not very good and that our best players are just average. I know at times, I am just excited that we now have people succeeding overseas. There are many obstacles the least of which is that they are American’s and are treated differently (wink and a nod to the conspiracy people). We have only to look at the Dempsey’s botched move from Fulham and the lack of bonafide offers for someone who is the best that the US has to offer.(small caveat….this roll seems likely to be, if not already transferred to Bradley)….or how about Brad Friedel? He has broken many records in the EPL and is arguably the best US player ever. How come he was never signed on a big three teams in the EPL, BL, La Liga, Serie A..etc.(and no, I do not count Liverpool…but rather when he established himself on the world stage WC 2002)
        His words might be hard to take but someone has to pick up the gauntlet and rise to the challenge if we are ever going to get better. In the end isn’t that why he was hired? Is there really someone out there who thinks we are ready to win the world cup? Last one…weren’t we lucky to get out of the group at the last WC(see Dempsey’s gifted goal against England)…just like 2002. How about this….we can call ourselves a good team when we control our destiny in qualifying for a world cup and a great team when we win the group with maximum points.
        Just to be clear I am going to root for the USA at every game and in every tournament, I will dare to dream and lament missed opportunities but I am not going fool myself in to thinking we are more than we are…so come on Klinsi lay the foundation and raise the bar, most likely for some other coach to lead us to the vaulted spot on top of the pyramid. I have got the last 10 years of jersey’s and scarves. I am ready USA!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!

      • Appreciate the thoughtful replies. we disagree on some things.

        it’s because of what came before in the pushing and montivating and striving for better that we are where we are currently poised; Klinnsmann continues to push that, he didn’t start that, but good on him for continuing it

        As a fan for decades, I am not bitter at the present state of affairs, trust me. But the assesmeant from anyone that says there is more striving for better now is, in my view, silly

        anyway, after tonight’s performance, better keep on striving baby 🙂

  6. Anybody know who has been having the best camp so far? I guess we’ll see when we see the team sheet tomorrow but anybody have any info about which players have impressed?

      • The 1 time I’ve seen him play, he was a beast (USA U23 vs. Mexico U23 last Feb).

        Hope he can get a good club situation going.

      • I noticed that, however JK has been pretty much quiet about the kid. I’m curious to see if he gets the start or just a few minutes at the end of the game at a position he doesn’t even play 🙁

    • I’ve read every JK interview I could find for the last few weeks, looking for clues about that. He’ll talk about anybody, when asked. But there’s only one name I’ve seen him bring up without being directly asked – Gonzo. And that happened in two different interviews. I’m taking that as a pretty good indicator of who the coach is excited about.

    • Gonzalez & Besler have apparently been impressive as a pairing. I’m hoping to see if they are ready for integration into the “A” Team.
      Others who I’m hoping have impressed are: Bedoya, Mix, and Gatt as I think they can help fill the potential hole on the wing….adding some speed and width that is sorely needed. Even if they’re only Subs heading into Honduras.

      • Simply put, we are better then Canada. Canada has a C team there and the US has it’s B-ish team. It is about confidence and statements of the younger US players. This game should be a dominent performance like the U-20 3-0 win against Mexico last year…we should have the majority of possession and win 3-0 or 5-1. I agree that winning or losing doesn’t make or break the senior team but I would be sure that Klinsi is in the locker you saying put your boot in their throat and finish this weak team off. It sounds nicer when he says it in German.

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