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Montero confirms Sounders exit, delivers goodbye letter via Twitter

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Fredy Montero’s time with the Seattle Sounders is over. At least for now.

Montero revealed he would be leaving Seattle on Twitter on Wednesday, all but confirming SBI’s report that the Designated Player would be heading to Colombian club Millonarios on a six-month loan. Montero did not indicate where he would be heading in his tweet but he made it seem as if there would be no return in the near future, thanking Sounders fans for their “unconditional support” and telling them that he would be back one day.

If this is indeed the end of Montero’s time with Seattle, he leaves the club he joined in 2009 having scored 47 goals and assisting on 34 others in 119 regular season appearances. Montero never scored a goal in the playoffs during his four-year stay with the Sounders.

What do you think of Montero leaving Seattle? Think it is a mistake for the Sounders to let him go? How will the club fare without him in 2013?

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  1. I’m actually glad to see montero leaving seatle. He is not as great as everyone thinks. He’s a moody player and never tracks back to help on d or hustles at all. We’ve already got the best forward in the mls with Eddie Johnson. This Seattle fans says good luck bogota with this guy. Seattle will once again run the mls.

  2. Fredy was just underappreciated in seattle. if they expect EJ to replace all the talent thats left…they are dead wrong.

    fredy wont be back..his next stop after colombia is europe.
    sounders f’ed up.

  3. His replacement is named Mario Martinez. I think he lost his place in the starting 11 and we’re cashing in before he starts riding the bench and his value plummets.

  4. Unless they already have someone lined up to replace him, it’s a HUGE mistake on Seattle’s part. Eddie Johnson won’t carry that team to the playoffs.

  5. He will be missed in the league but as an RSL fan, I would not want him on my team. He is a tremendously talented player with a huge attitude problem. He produces much more, but is in many ways similar to Freddy Adu. He is a diva that displays terrible body language towards his teammates and disrespects the game far too often.

    Maybe his loan spell will allow him to mature and come back to MLS as an experienced player without all the immaturity.

  6. I think he was a very good player, even great at what he was best at, but he had holes in his game without a doubt. To overlook those is to over glorify a very good player.

    Thanks FM loved watching you.

  7. Sad day for Sounders fans. He was our best player with the ball at his feet and was always capable of producing a quality goal out of nothing. This leaves a giant hole for the Sounders in the goal scoring department, and it’s going to take another top-class player to fill it.

  8. For all he’s contributed to the Sounders and the League, I don’t buy the argument that says they are dumping him because he didn’t score in a playoff game. And it that is the case, it’s shortsighted.

    • As has been pointed out in the comments section, before, the Sounders have salary cap issues and something had to give. With this (some reports are saying it’s a 12 month deal not 6), maybe now they got some more allocation dollars to work with.

      I would agree saying it has to do with his scoring record in the playoffs is speculative and probably off base.

  9. As I said in the original post comments section, I’m going to miss him. The goals he scored in Seattle’s home opener ignited a soccer powder keg up there that continues to explode. He was a big contributor in taking MLS to the next level in excitement.

  10. We are already after La Liga players. Verdu expects an offer any day now and there has been an offer to Nelson Valdez. Sounders are looking to a bigger player to replace him.

    A nervous time right now til we can replace him, but I will like the move in the end.

  11. A very complete player. 81 goals or assists in 119 games is impressive, even if he was cursed during the playoffs. As a DC fan, he’ll be missed.


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