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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

After several exciting FA Cup matches last week, the Premier League returned to action this weekend, and today’s schedule does not disappoint.

League leaders Manchester United will look to improve their lead to 10 points as they welcome Liverpool to Old Trafford. With two wins to kick off 2013, the Reds hope to continue their turnaround to a tumultuous 2012.

Looking to prevent a double digit deficit, Manchester City will travel to Emirates Stadium to take on Arsenal. City manager Roberto Mancini stated that Sergio Aguero will not be returning for today’s match, but is expected to make his way back next week against Fulham.

In Spain, Malaga will take their shot at being the first team to beat Barcelona when they play host to Lionel Messi and Co. Young striker Isco will look to cause problems for the Barca back-line, while Oguchi Onyewu just might feature against the La Liga leaders.

If you will be watching today’s soccer action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

8:30am- Fox Soccer Channel- Manchester United vs. Liverpool

9am- beIN Sport en Espanol- Napoli vs. Palermo

11am- Fox Soccer Channel- Arsenal vs. Manchester City

11am- beIN Sport en Espanol- Real Sociedad vs. Deportivo La Coruna

1pm- beIN Sport en Espanol- Atletico Madrid vs. Real Zaragoza

1pm- Univision- Toluca vs. Puebla

3pm- beIN Sport- Malaga vs. Barcelona

3:15pm- Benfica vs. FC Porto

5pm- beIN Sport en Espanol- Real Betis vs. Levante

9pm- beIN Sport en Espanol- Parma vs. Juventus


    • Kyle,

      I’m pretty sure if you scanned any given collection of close up photos of EPL action it won’t be that hard to find shirts being pulled.

      It’s so SOP that it’s like holding in the NFL, you can find if you look for it. I barely notice it anymore.

      I get you dislike Suarez but watch Clint, Boca, LD, Cameron, Goodson etc. very closely the next time they play. You should not be shocked that our cleaning living American boys understand and use some of the finer points of defense.

  1. For Gooch’s sake I’d like to see him run out as a sub, just so one day with grandchild on his knee he can say, “There was this one time, back in ’13 when I was playing in Spain…we faced the best player of our generation and one of the greatest of all time…you may have heard of him…Messi was his name. He nutmegged me within a minute of my coming on and nearly broke my ankle with his moves, but I was on the field with him. Yes I was. Greatest player I ever seen…Now go get your granddaddy two fingers of scotch…that’s a good boy…”

    • He’s faced Messi in international play and shut down the rest of Barça in the Confed Cup. Now make that scotch a single malt.

      • Tim Howard shut down Spain. The USMNT defense was OWNED. Hard. Spain had something like 15 shots on goal and 30 shots overall.

      • gooch had a great game that day; he did exactly what he was supposed to, which was stay around/within the 18, and get in the way of everything. seem to remember almost as many saves/blocks from him as from howard.

        dropping back and letting spain have the ball, and then counterattacking when they gave it away (the rare errant pass, a saved/blocked shot) was our basic game plan against them.

      • Spain had their chances, but the U.S. defense also had their excellent moments. That was definitely one of Gooch’s best MNT performances.

      • Now A,

        I admit, it’s been awhile since I saw that game… HOWEVER, I don’t know that our defense was owned, per se…

        I remember, fairly distinctly, lots of clutch blocked shots and last gasp tackles by our D (especially DeMerit).

        Tim Howard was good, but not Tim Howard vs. Argentina at the Meadowlands good…

      • Been reading these comments for two years and never registered to replay but that my friend was the best reply I have seen in a while!

  2. seattle seahawks should have completed their comeback. just another seattle team choking in the playoffs. i am not a texan fan so i don’t care if they advance or not.

  3. Anyone catch the AS Roma game? They appear to be in a downward spiral with there chances for European football dropping. I found it interesting the Bradley started while DDR was on the bench. I hope Bradley played solidly.

  4. From the espn soccernet preview of the Arsenal -Man City game:

    “Trivia: DaMarcus Beasley is the only Manchester City player to have scored at Emirates Stadium, scoring in a 3-1 defeat in April 2007.”

    Who woulda thunk it

    • The announcers on the game JUST made that Beasley reference. Oh how we quickly forget that Damarcus had scored in Champion’s Zleagye, Premier League, has played in Old Firm derbies, played in MLS and Mexico. Ladies and Germs, that’s a career!!

  5. And Wisdom muffs a shot after a Liverpool break. Best “chance” of the match so far.

    Probably won’t matter with Evra’s tally.

  6. All righty. Let’s see if Liverpool can create some chances here with Sturridge coming on. Looks like Red Dragons are shifting to a 4-4-2 (or maybe 4-4-1-1?).

    • do you really think that united wants that train wreck on their sideline? don’t think he would be considered when fergie retires. they can do better

      • I don’t see it either, Jim. The big teams that three or four months ago were being discussed as possible destinations for “the special one,” such as Man U. and FC Bayern, are not going to touch the guy with a 10-foot pole when Madrid finally fires him to put an end to the nightmare.

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